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US – The US Justice looks at singer R. Kelly after last week's broadcast of a documentary in which several women once again accuse him of pedophilia and sexual assault.

R. Kelly is worried about it. Accused of pedophilia and sexual assault for several years, he is again in the sights of the American judiciary. After the broadcast last weekend of "Surviving R. Kelly", an overwhelming documentary in which dozens of women reject malicious acts by the singer who would have created a "sexual sect", several prosecutors try to shed light on these accusations.

"Contact us, we can not investigate these accusations without the cooperation of the victims and witnesses," Kim Foxx, a prosecutor for Cook County, told a press conference. Illinois, which is dependent on Chicago, the hometown of R. Kelly, as reported by AFP. She regarded these accusations as "very, very disturbing," while she indicated that she is in contact with two families of young women who are currently under the influence of the artist.

Serious accusations date from 2002 …

In the six-hour documentary that aired on the Lifetime cable channel last Thursday, Friday and Saturday, several women accused the singer of having sex with girls under 16 when he was himself major. Other witnesses claim that Robert Sylvester Kelly, his real name, surrounded himself with women he turned into sex slaves and who are now completely cut off from their relatives.

In Georgia, where R. Kelly also has a home, several local media reported that the Fulton County Attorney Office, which oversees the city of Atlanta, has opened an investigation into the artist. The lawyer for the family of Jocelyn Savage, whose name is mentioned in the documentary, told the local media on Tuesday that he was approached by members of the public prosecutor about the singer.

As author of "I Believe I Can Fly", R. Kelly was accused in 2002 of filming sexual acts between him and a 14-year-old girl, but eventually acquitted in 2008. Now 52, ​​the singer and producer has not publicly responded to the content of the documentary since the broadcast. But according to a source that TMZ has entrusted, he decided to launch a website to dismantle the testimonies in the film. A Facebook page created for this purpose on January 6 was removed the next day by the social network. "We do not tolerate harassment or sharing of personal information and we act on content that violates our policies as soon as we become aware of them", said a Facebook representative at TMZ.