"Person quickly walked to the railing": Officer of Justice describes surveillance video of the Aida

When the case can be closed, it is still unclear, said Walter Feiler Public Prosecutor on Friday. Officially, the musician is considered missing. The parquet of Passau is responsible, because Küblböck had his main residence there.

The police have requested the Canadian researchers' documents via the international police organization Interpol. As soon as they were available, they could be supplemented with the findings of the Procurator of Passau.

Surveillance video of the Aida

There were no indications for outside influence. In addition, video surveillance of the cruise ship shows how someone jumped off the ship at that moment. Media has already reported on this video in recent weeks.

A day after the disappearance of Küblböck, the Canadian Coast Guard had stopped searching because of the short chance of survival in the cold water. Born in Lower Bavaria, Germany, he finished third in 2003 in the first season of the RTL show Deutschland sucht den Superstar.