PHOTO Iris Mittenaere wishes a happy birthday with his sister and is lynched by internet users

On Saturday, November 3, Iris Mittenaere sent a soft message to her little sister Manon who celebrated her 17th birthday. A new message on his Instagram account that caused a wave of comments, not always benign.

With his do-eyes and his perfect smile, Iris Mittenaere has conquered the world. Miss Universe 2017, the beautiful 25-year-old Nordic is worried – especially on the social networks where she publishes lots of photos of his daily life. If she appears less often in swimsuit since she has made her impressive tiara, she does not blind her many subscribers of every publication. The evidence last week with a cliché that revealed his body sculpted through the intensive training of Dance with the stars. "Canon", "A bomb", "What a dream line", you can read in the comments. of the compliments which often return in the middle of a flurry of hearts.

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This perfect silhouette, Anthony Colette's partner, has shown up on his Instagram account again this weekend. On the occasion of the birthday of his little sister Manon, Iris Mittenaere has indeed shared a moment of relaxation with her younger sister in a hammam in Paris. A memory for which she wanted to immortalize herself celebrate the event with its admirers. "Happy birthday little sister! I love you till the moon, did she write this in caption? immediate accomplice. And if many internet users want their wishes from the young woman who has just turned 17, others would prefer that amazed at the chosen photo by the former Miss France.

Dressed in a bathing suit that emphasized her generous cleavage, she was accused of not having chosen a suitable image for the event. "It's her sister's birthday and she highlights it with her breast," "What's this photo?" This attitude is zero, "Narcissist, she lives for Instagram," Funny picture to wish a birthday, " commented on some subscribers. Fortunately, the two mermaids could count on the friendliness and benevolence of the fans to help them.