PHOTO - Karine Le Marchand: a steamy selfie under the sun of Tel Aviv

On Saturday 3 November, Karine Le Marchand shared a photo of his holiday with his fans. Far from the cold of Paris, the host flew from M6 to Tel Aviv. The ability to reveal a beautiful photo.

This is a photo that makes you jealous. On Saturday 3 November, Karine Le Marchand published a holiday snapshot on her Instagram account. The moderator Love is in the meadow chose to fly in the sun. Far from France and the freshness of autumn, this mother flew to Tel Aviv, Israel. That which will collect the confidentiality of Michèle Bernier An intimate ambition so shared with his subscribers a rather sexy moment of his stay.

Karine Le Marchand indeed looks like legs in the air. The one who supported body and soul Jeanfi Janssens Dance with the stars is installed on a beach chair on what looks like a roof terrace with a beautiful sea view. Some people make jealous and hot. " Last ray of sunshine before the departure … everything to an end (except the banana that has 2) Good weekend for everyone "Subtitles Karine Le Marchand with the humor that characterizes it.

His subscribers were completely seduced by this shot. Like Carla Bruni who noticed that she was " nice legs "And other netizens overbood:" These legs never end "" They do not finish your legs anymore … Delicious "" sublime "" Beautiful as always "Or" Beautiful legs in the most beautiful country in the world "Successful effect for Karine Le Marchand who always fascinates his fans because of his beauty and humor.

Photo & # 39; s: Bestimage