PHOTO Mila Kunis did not know Kev Adams, she responds with a funny cliché

PHOTO Mila Kunis did not know Kev Adams, she responds with a funny cliché

If many of his colleagues could have been offended, Kev Adams preferred to respond with humor to the recent statements by Mila Kunis. The actress explained that she had never heard of him before giving her an answer in the comedy The spy who downloaded me.

From Wednesday, August 8, Kev Adams is on the poster of American films The spy who left me. An advantage for the comedian and comedian of 27 years who dreams of breaking into Hollywood, especially because he had the opportunity to give an answer to Mila Kunis. Problem, he had no idea who he was before turning around with him. " Kev Adams, who is he? I'm ashamed but I did not even know who it was, recently confessed in an interview with the Swiss edition of 20 minutes. And the funny thing is that Kev did not dare tell me he was a star of French-speaking countries. I'm bad for these things because I never get the information before turning. "

If you thought that Kev Adams would be upset by having been an illustrious stranger to Mila Kunis, think again. On the contrary, Iris Mittenaere's friend replied to her playmate by sharing, on her Instagram account, an instant shot on the filming of their film in common. In this shot, the Hollywood actress appears smiling and sitting on the lap of what plays the role of a taxi driver. " Guide accompanied He wrote, obviously proud of having been so close to the 34-year-old sex-symbol.

In his story, Kev Adams has also unveiled a selfie taken with the American star. " And in the film there is this incredible actress: Mila Kunis Commented. What makes many envious.