PHOTO - The tender message of Estelle Lefébure for the 21 years of her youngest daughter Emma

Estelle Lefébure, very active on social networks, has nevertheless desired a very nice birthday for her youngest daughter Emma Smet. The young woman is 21 years old.

in caring mother and fulfilled by her three children, Estelle Lefébure regularly shares clichés on social networks with them. During the summer, for example, the group enjoyed a few weeks with their families in the south of France. Estelle Lefébure also shared a picture of Giuliano, his young son, school bag on his back, for his return to school.

On September 13, 2018, the ex-partner of David Hallyday also shared some photo's of her youngest daughter Emma. And for a good reason the young woman celebrates her 21 years: "My heart, my darling, my dearest girl, this September 13, an exceptional day in which you entered my life"she wrote. A message that naturally attracted many internet users to follow the daily image of Estelle Lefebure: "You are too beautiful, both ", we can read several times. A message that also touched the main interest. Emma Smet did not thank her mother : " I love you "she commented.

Estelle Lefébure is not the only one who shares some old photos from Emma Smet. His father David Hallyday also published a photo of him to his daughter, this time in Instagram story: "Happy B-day sweetheart, love you a lot", he wrote while he is currently in the recording studio. Emma's sister shared three old photo's of them to wish her a very happy birthday. What a beautiful attentions that would delight the star of the day, the beautiful young Emma.

Photo & # 39; s: BestImage