PHOTOS Adil Rami soon single? Pamela Anderson answers the rumors

PHOTOS Adil Rami soon single? Pamela Anderson answers the rumors

Everywhere, word got out that Adil Rami and Pamela Anderson would be on the edge of the breakup. However, on Instagram, the American actress shared a soft blow from her partner who seems to be saying the opposite.

Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami survive in time? The couple – who surprised everyone – seemed to have been doing perfect love for several months. The beautiful blonde American has even packed up to settle here, in France, in Marseilles, more precisely, where the player evolves. Much appreciated by the French public, Pamela Anderson can boast of having found a real family in the metropolis. Adulata, in September will even be chosen for the next season of Danse avec les Stars, on TF1. What to suggest that the former star of Alert Malibu could drag himself into France, or even build a new life.

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Yet in the last few days, the voices of tension within his relationship with Adil Rami are becoming more persistent. He whispers that the American would be tired of the behavior of his football player, too busy managing nightclubs and parties to celebrate his world champion title rather than spending time with his girlfriend, or would be to give him a phone call. "She does not care about night clubs." She turned the page, explained the informant, "She respects her need to celebrate her victory, but this behavior can not last. […] Pamela has been with really bright men in her life, so her friends are wondering how a footballer can really keep his interest ", a source close to the couple told the New York Post.

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So, is Pamela Anderson going to pack? It may be that the American actress has heard rumors about her couple since she decided to respond subtly via her Instagram account. In one of his stories, "Pam" has in fact published a beautiful black and white photo of Adil Rami, in costume, very focused on his cell phone. The cliché makes perfect justice to the player who has just fallen to the ground. With her impressive build and beard, she has obviously also transformed her beloved's head from the moment she gave him a simple but very flattering "My Beast" as a legend. I am not sure, finally, that these two are about to live their epilogue.

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