Photoshop trick: Carmen Geiss can not resist

Even if they have access to mass makeup or an entire make-up team, many celebrities can not stop painting their snapshots with Photoshop. Reality TV star and millionaire Carmen Geiss, too. In her Instagram account, the beautiful blonde shared photos of her family vacation with her husband Robert Geiss and her daughters Davina and Shania. In some photos, the fifty-three is posing in a red bikini in front of a railing of her luxury villa. She puts her curves especially in the scene, but her follower does not escape anything. They immediately realize that something is wrong here. "Why does the railing have a wave on the second picture and not on the first one?" Someone notes. And another fan noticed: "Look at the horizon on the second image, a photo should be changed so you do not see it." "Sorry, it's terrible."