Piers Morgan describes serial killer Alejandro Henriquez as & # 39; the best liar that I have ever met & # 39;

Piers Morgan describes serial killer Alejandro Henriquez as & # 39; the best liar that I have ever met & # 39;

Piers Morgan has interviewed many people who have had less than a passing acquaintance with the truth. Well, he's buddies with US President Donald Trump.

So when he is someone & # 39; the best liar & # 39; calls he has ever known, you must sit up and listen.

Bronx serial killer Alex Henriquez, 57, sounds so plausible when he pleads his innocence in his first interview in nearly three decades.

His good looks have faded and he has piled on the pounds while he has been in a cell since 1992.

But the only thing that has not changed is his claim that he is not guilty of the three gruesome murders, for which he was sentenced to 75 years behind the bars.

In the 1980s, Henriquez was a New York owner of taxi companies known to have many friends, even though he was married three times.

But behind the façade of a charming womanizer was a malicious serial killer, who managed to escape from the murder and eventually was arrested for a third cruel attack. The authorities believe that his victims can count no less than six.

The first victim known to be was the 14-year-old Shamira Bello, who disappeared from her working-class district on 2 July 1988.

Her sexually abused body was found the next day in Pelham Bay Park on a police shooting range. She was killed by being beaten and strangled on her head repeatedly.

Lisa Ann Rodriguez, 21, was taken on June 14, 1990. She was found strangled with her body dumped along the Hutchinson River Parkway.

Shamira Bello, 14

Lisa Ann Rodriguez, 21

Three months later, the 10-year-old Jessica Guzman just disappeared strangled near the Bronx River Parkway.

Her death caused a national uproar in the US. She had been to the supermarket and never came home.

It gave the New York Police Department reason to put together a task force to investigate the series of murders that haunted the Bronx for two years.

Almost immediately after Jessica did not come home for dinner, Henriquez came under suspicion despite his participation in search parties and prayer vigils during the candlelight.

He was the last person who was seen with the girl and was well known to the other victims, making him the common denominator in all three murders.

In his trial in 1992, the repulsive public prosecutor Edward J Talty told Henriquez: "He should never let the same breath as decent people."

A jury found Henriquez guilty on their fourth day of deliberations at the end of a six-week trial in which 50 witnesses had testified.

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Jessica Guzman, 10

"B ***** d, I hope they kill you," shouted Milagros Guzman, Jesscia's mother.

But now, speaking for the first time about his crimes for which he was imprisoned 26 years ago, Henriquez continues to insist on Piers: "I did not kill them, listen to me, I have never taken someone's life, not even an animal. For me there is nothing worse than taking the life of an innocent child.

"When I see something on TV that happens to a child, I become emotional and my eyes get watery because I think:" Wow, that's what they accuse me of. "It's not a fun thing.

"Can I hurt a child? No, because I have two girls Ironically, my second girl is Jessica, the same name as a girl I'm accused of murdering, I can not really express the pain I feel when I hear that. "

Piers Morgan with convicted serial killer Alex Henriquez at the Sullivan Correctional Facility in the state of New York

But after questioning him in prison, Piers says: "This guy is the best liar I interviewed and I think he is the most plausible liar, he is incredibly plausible and some people will fall for it.

"He was a handsome, quick-talking scammer with many beautiful friends, there was no clear motive and no reason why he would do this and the hard forensic evidence is limited.

"You can see the charm, he is now bigger than him, but when he was arrested he was in the late 20, handsome and very charming, very polite and cool, why would you kill two girls and three young women?

"The detectives who have investigated it do not doubt that he did it.

"I was with him for two and a half hours and I've never had a better liar than he was, he had an answer to everything, but I did not believe him – and I absolutely thought he was trying to play me. until the day he dies. & # 39;

Henriquez gives an explanation for the sentencing in 1992

When you start investigating the evidence, you can see why the jury did not fall for the false charm of Henriquez.

From the very beginning, he
was cooperative when questioned by the police, but they were disturbed by his answers to some of their questions.

And in some of his answers he revealed details of the matter that were not generally known.

He mentioned a floral design on Jessica's underwear that the police did not know and a cut in her bra that was not in the public domain. When they cleaned her decomposed body and undergarments, they agreed with his description.

Henriquez does not even explain this and says, "How do I know certain things? I only know the photos."

He stutters before he says "they told me about it" and blames the police.

The former landlady of Henriquez, Emy Valesquez, also says that he has the perfect cover to lure the youngest of his victims.

She insisted: "We teach our children that you do not take things from strangers, but he was not really a stranger to them.

"He saw them in the neighborhood, he was friendly, he gave them candy, and little by little he would have won their trust." Henriquez initially denied knowing Lisa when she was found dead. But when asked about a date they had been, he admitted that he knew her, but stressed that he had never seen her after their date.

Pressed, Henriquez struggles to hide his tracks.

He replied: "Yes, I had a sexual relationship with Lisa.

"Please understand that I do not want to insult the families of the victims We would just go out, she would call me or I would call her She was not my girlfriend because she had a friend.

"I am a liar, does that make me a murderer? Is there something wrong with me?
Yes, I am innocent. I have been innocent from day one. & # 39;

Piers, who has interviewed a number of murderers for his crime series, says: "The common denominator in serial killers is that you can not imagine that they are serial killers, but that is one of the things that allows them to get away with it long.

"They are very good liars and able to cover up their traces, that is what makes them different from ordinary killers, you have to be smart to avoid detection for long periods of time.

"They have this line in which they are psychopathic killers, but what allows them to get away with it is one
Sharp mind. "

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