Plan Coeur (Netflix): is a season 2 planned? The director answers us! - 7 days of TV

Since Friday, Netflix subscribers can discover (and binge-watcher!) Heart Plan, following the second French Netflix series Marseille. The eight episodes, which combine the story of a romantic comedy and a friend, tell how Charlotte and Emilie decide to hire Jules, an escortboy, to bring their best friend Elsa back into contact with men. Of course, nothing happens as planned …

The end of the series leaves the door open for a possible second season. So we interviewed Noémie Saglio, the director of Heart Plan, about what it would be possible: "I go further in my corner to write a diary of season 2she told us during our meeting with the cast. "Or we stop fifteen years, everyone is a bit typed and it looks like "wah it & # 39; s great!"" She adds with a smile, referring to the reboot mode that affects many American series. If Naomi Saglio seems to start, the audience of the series will also be crucial, so it will be necessary to arm yourself with patience. possible announcement of season 2!

Marie-Caroline Cabut