PMA and Nazism: Laurent Wauquiez, common sense and the hesitations of the law

Laurent Wauquiez was controversial in establishing the link between PMA, GPA, eugenics and Nazism against the members of common sense, political emanation of the Manif for all, before being somewhat retarded towards the critics.

The subject is slippery for the right, which must satisfy those voters who were met in 2013 by the opposition to the Marriage for all, and today against what they call PMA "without father", ie the extension to women only lesbian couples.

Nicolas Sarkozy was already disarmed in 2014 for the same public. Rewrite the rewriting "From top to bottom" of Taubira's law, he had finally given in to the crowd that was chanting "Withdrawal". At the moment Laurent Wauquiez defended the "Position wall full reflected" Nicolas Sarkozy.

Except that in his book published in 2016, the former head of state said he had "Evolved" and no longer want to touch this law. He was then back at Common Sense, who then collected François Fillon. Like Laurent Wauquiez after his failure at primary school. He was declared early in 2017 at the National Council of his party: "It will be necessary to have the courage to return to all these socialist laws, and of course I think of Taubira's law".

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But again, the bewildering statements for a purchased audience were followed by a written temperament. Already in September 2017, between the defeat of François Fillon and his election as head of the party, Laurent Wauquiez Current values Which "The subject of marriage" was not in demand, and only wants to return to "The provisions that lead to GPA and PMA" and "Return from full adoption by same-sex couples to simple adoption, which does not undermine the bonds of descent".

A position for common sense, but this time embellished with this controversial comparison. Faced with the sheet, Laurent Wauquiez has re-timed, for the general public this time, on Twitter: "Recalling the horror of eugenics and Nazism, I wanted to recall the lessons of history – our contemporary debates are clearly not the same, but when we talk about ethics, we need to be very alert on the paths we open." .

Blow the heat to an audience hostile to Taubira's law or the PMA, and then warm up the speech: voluntary or not, the strategy is repeated right, testifying to the difficulty of positioning itself on these social issues affecting the electorate. able to distribute.

Already in 2013, Laurent Wauquiez had always shown this hesitation. Overpowered by the question: "Is homosexuality contrary to your values?"he replied: "No, not at all … Uh … Uh … Yeah … she's …"before you pick up by saying: "What is contrary to my values ​​is that a child does not have a father or mother".

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