Prince Harry celebrates his first birthday as a husband

Prince Harry celebrates his first birthday as a husband

In May, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan celebrated their dream wedding. Now there is another milestone in the life of the Royals: they celebrate Harry's first birthday as a husband.

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In choosing his bride, Prince Harry probably did not care about the social conventions of the British royal family; he followed his heart. Meghan is divorced, American and a citizen – in no way does that fit anyone in the UK.

Sensitive and vulnerable

Although Harry has long had a reputation as a rough head in puberty with a predilection to stick to the strings, he is still sensitive and vulnerable. Henry Charles Albert Mountbatten-Windsor, that is his full name, lost the most important person in his life when he was twelve: his mother. When Diana approached the 20th anniversary of his death last year in a car accident in Paris, he publicly reported his mental health problems after this extreme loss.

"I stuck my head in the sand and refused to think about my mother," Harry said. That of course had an influence on his private life and his work. According to his own statements, Harry suffered from fear and was about to collapse several times. Only at the age of 28 he sought psychological help. He reduced his aggression with the help of boxing.


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