Prince Harry: Secret Africa Journey – without his Meghan!

Prince Harry: Secret Africa Journey – without his Meghan!

For his birthday, Prince Harry surprised Duke Meghan last year on a romantic trip to Africa. However, he made the trip alone this summer!

On 4 August, Duchess Meghan (37) had his birthday. While spending his day of honor last year in intimate intimacy with Prince Harry (33) on an African holiday, the Duchess had to share the attention of her sweetness this time – with the best friend of Harry Charlie van Straubenzee! This married his Daisy Jenks last weekend (27),

In the video above you can see what Meghan wore for the occasion.

Naturally the royal couple took part in the wedding, the About 80 kilometers south-west of London in the small village Frensham took part.

You can see the highlights of Meghan and Harry's wedding in the gallery below.

If the two have already recovered the birthday party? At least they did not have much time, because Harry had to be without his sweet half at the start of the week Botswana flew!

First clouds on the sky of love?

It seems that the pink glasses on Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan disappeared. Happy as in the beginning, they both do not always work. What could be the basis for this is discussed by the Laura nobility expert in the new episode of the Royal podcast "Palace Whispers – The Look through the Royal Keyhole". Listen to it below:

This was the reason for the trip

Since 2017, Prince Harry has been the Patron of the Rhino Conservation Botswana (RCB), an organization that protects endangered rhinos in the country. "I've had the good fortune to visit Botswana for 20 years and I'm happy to call it my second home.As a patron of RCB, now I have the opportunity to return something to the country that gave me so much," he once said Harry at People magazine.

For a board of directors and a community project of RCB, the prince was now traveling to the African country for a few days, according to the information of the palace. For a long time, however, Meghan did not have to give up her husband: Harry should already return to England.

If a child was the reason why Meghan did not fly? In the video you will learn if the Duchess hides a belly:

She shares her love for Africa

Perhaps Meghan will be allowed to accompany him on a longer journey, after all, Africa has a very special meaning for the couple. In 2016, the lovebirds spent a few days in Botswana to get to know each other better. With success: During the trip, Harry and Meghan really fell in love. "We camped together under the stars […] It was absolutely fantastic, "recalls Prince William's brother (36) in an interview at the time.

Meghan's engagement ring, which Harry co-designed, also contains a Botswana stone.

Full details on Harry's romantic engagement proposal can be found in the video below:

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