Rain of stars on the red carpet NRJ Music Awards

As for the Cannes Film Festival, it is the obligatory passage of the stars of the NRJ Music Awards. Shortly before the twentieth edition of the NRJ Music Awards, we will let you experience the most hysterical moments of climbing the steps of the Palais des Festivals, before the ceremony begins at 21 hours.

The Bigflo and Oli offer a selfie session to their waiting fans, sometimes for hours. They will climb the stairs with their friend Vianney.

Big Flo, Oli and Vianney at the foot of the steps. (Screen capture) / TF1

First applauding …Aya Nakamura on the red carpet. The # 1 artist who sells this week with 28,000 copies sold from his debut album "Nakamura", participates for the first time at the NRJ Music Awards. From an impeccable blue square haircut, to a seductive red sheath, to a pair of golden court shoes, the twenty-two year old with his exasperating curves is named in the Hope category. The crowd of fans in the front row resumes in chorus the thrilling refrain of his tube at 223 million views "Djadja". "Oooooh Djadjaaaaa, there is no way Djadja"

Vianney's little dance moves. With a wave of his hand, Vianney, who is releasing a live album from his Bercy, asks a little calm for the horde of photographers who scream his name on the red carpet. It is not yet 8 pm, but it is the bottling of stars on the red carpet. Miss France, rapper Alonzo, Eddy de Pretto, Amir and his partner arrive to run.