Ralph Northam, Blackface and Virginia: the most important news on Thursday

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Published 5:37 pm ET February 7, 2019 | Updated at 17:52 ET 7 February 2019

The first three Virginia officers involved in scandals, two for Blackface

From the left, Virginia leaders Justin Fairfax, Mark Herring and Ralph Northam had to deal with the scandals. (Photo: Bob Brown, AP)

The political turmoil of Virginia. Seven hours of waiting for an emergency room. The death of a baseball legend. It's all in the Thursday short list.

But first, breaking: A judge has approved a last-minute deal on Thursday to save Sears, giving the American dealer a second chance to live.

Virginia is for the scandals

Two blackface scandals and a request for sexual assault could bring down the three main officials of Virginia – all democratic – and deliver the governor's office to a republican. Political experts in Virginia say that Dems (at least one) survives.

Here is the laundry list:

A history lesson: Blackface is linked to American slavery and the oppression of Jim Crow. White entertainers mocked by blacks in performances dating back to 1830. Today, white people wear black faces to express their curiosity – and even their contempt – as far as blacks are concerned, experts say. In any case, it is racist.

Even in the news: this sweater from the black appearance that Gucci has apologized for this week and Joy Behar dressed like a "beautiful African woman".

What are the prospects for Virginia? Think of Kavanaugh

Larry Saturday of Virginia, a political analyst so known for the predictions that his newsletter is called "Saturday's Crystal Ball", said that there is no way that all three democratic leaders – Northam, Fairfax and Herring – they fall. "One or more will survive," he said Saturday on Twitter.

John McGlennon, a government professor in Virginia, said that the last Dem standing could be Fairfax. Why? Brett Kavanaugh has arrived at the Supreme Court amid multiple sexual assault charges, giving Fairfax a precedent to get him into the governor's office – if no overwhelming evidence or additional allegations emerge. Fairfax even hired the Kavanaugh law firm.

If Northam, Fairfax and Herring all fall, the governor's office will go to the president of GOP House Kirk Cox.

Very quickly:

Beyonce, Taylor and Drake could skip the Grammys on Sunday

The Grammys will debut new rules this year, expanding its main categories from five to eight. The result? Very different races for prizes like the album of the year, which does not have a clear front runner. The Grammys will be aired on Sunday on CBS, starting at 8pm. EST / 5 PM PST, offering online streaming options. Do not count on seeing Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Drake in the audience, all the artists who have been snubbed and may not participate.

Taylor Swift accepts the album of the trophy of the year for "1989" in 2016. (Photo: Matt Sayles, Matt Sayles / Invision / AP)

A woman has waited 7 hours in the emergency room of the VA hospital, and it is not unusual

In most of the hospitals in the Department of Veterans Affairs, the median admission time for the emergency room was longer than in other hospitals, sometimes for hours, according to a new US TODAY analysis. Among these there was Loma Linda, in California, where the median wait is over 7 and a half hours. The news is not all negative for the VA.

The fight on the border wall is reduced to 200 miles

President Trump wants $ 5.7 billion to add about 100 miles and update another 115, fencing between the United States and Mexico. Let's get in perspective for you 100 miles visually:

That 100 miles of new wall, in perspective. (Photo: USA TODAY)

This is all for the Short List this week. See you on Sunday.

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