Real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties, December 2, 2012

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Christopher A. Kazantis, Ann Macey and Elaine C. Chancellor at Corey J. Moccio, 4 Trinity Terrace, $ 176,000.

Sergey Savonin to Vladimir Shevchuk and Liliya Shevchuk, 100 Burlington Drive, $ 525,000.

Jeffrey F. Whitney to Kenneth E. More and Mary Ellen More, 48 Mountainview St., $ 159,900.

Mary L. Hartpence and Patricia Greene to Edward C. Dugan and Nicole A. Dugan, 236 Adams St., $ 218,500.

Mary Ellen Marsili to Margaret Majewski, 111 Corey Colonial # 111, $ 132,000.

Linda E. Dionne and Gary R. Dionne to Mary Ellen Marsili, 25 Reed St., $ 180,000.


Nancy Antik to Alexi Arango, Potwine Lane, $ 90,000.

Alfred X. Powers and Alfred Wayne Powers, de facto attorney, to East Pleasant Street Partners LLC, 41 Gray St., $ 430,000.

Amhad Development Corp. and Greenleaves Retirement Community to William J. Crotty and Mary H. Crotty, 25 Greenleaves Drive, $ 358,000.


Lucy B. Leete to Melanie Fallon and Sally G. Sasso, 245 Main St., $ 207,000.


Debra A. Olearczyk and Jean Cole, Conservative, at Vision Investment Properties LLC, 291 Franklin Street, $ 130,000.

Keith A. Bessette, Laurie A. Bessette and Laurie A. West at Wesley J. Dunham and Nicole J. Dunham, 9 Oakwood Drive, $ 195,000.

Frederick R. Lenihan and Lynda M. Lenihan to Jonathan P. Hulvey and Kristin E. Hulvey, 22 Sabin St., $ 250,000.

Vicki R. Lindsay to Theodore Nicholson and Lisa D. Nicholson, 243 Michael Sears Road, $ 230,000.


Spencer Bristol and Michelle Bristol, from Springleaf Financial Services of Massachusetts Inc., to Springleaf Financial Services of Massachusetts Inc., 3 Eden Trail, $ 145,000.


John M. Keough, performer and representative, Thomas M. Keough, estate, and Edith G. Keough, estate, to Patrick J. Kubala, Patrick Kubala and Amanda R. Baron, Cubles Drive, $ 182,000.


Richard L. Farrow and Evelyn G. Farrow to David E. Lowell and Tammy M. Lowell, Dodge Road, Lot 2, 19.34 acres, $ 40,200.


David L. Hazlett and Pamela J. Hazlett to Douglas M. White and Julia E. White, Legate Hill Road, 2.03 acres, $ 16,500.

Eileen Almeida and David Almeida by Michael W. Riccio and Amanda M. Riccio, 95 Mountain Road, $ 190,000.


Phyllis P. Helmes, Phyllis Helmes, Susan C. Whicker and Susan Pierce to Aaron Enos and Krista L. Enos, 73 Dorothy Ave., $ 126,000.

Michael S. Jefferson and Marcia J. O & # 39; Hara to Linda M. Jefferson, 126 Fernwood St., $ 140,000.

John R. Manteria and Susan A. Manteria to Robert L. Sobieraj and Katherine B. Sobieraj, 113 Sesame Drive, $ 268,000.

Malgorzata Jurkowski, estate, and Tadeusz Myca, performer, William G. Crowley, 55 Empire Street, Unit 68, $ 100,000.

Annie Richards, Julie Ann Paquette and Thomas S. McFayden to Jean T. Sullivan, 44 Wallace Ave., $ 150,000.

Rita Lafountain to Paul R. Gallagher and Robert J. Galica, 18 Driscoll St., $ 110,000.

Kyle J. Methot and Kaitlin M. Methot to Deborah A. Methot, 104 Johnson Road, Unit 208, $ 153,000.

Robert R. Lafleche and Roger T. Lafleche to Kaitlin M. Methot and Kyle J. Methot, 133 Telegraph Ave., $ 150,000.

Kara E. Cyr to Christopher D. Owsiak, 176 Boulay Circle, $ 154,900.

Linda A. Wolcott at Desland W. Peart, 36 Davenport St., $ 149.900.

Teofilo Vasquez Jr. at Yadira Dejesus, 22 Holgate Ave., $ 165,000.

Jeanette I. Robinson to Endo Realty LLC, 571 Britton St., $ 85,000.

William D. Fitzpatrick, Conservative, Dorothy L. Harrison and Dorothy Loretta Harrison, held, to Danielle Taylor Laferriere, 56 Greenwood Terrace, $ 78.125.


Dominic F. Grzybowski, from the conservative Joan F. Grzybowski, Roberta L. Maddock and Teresa Grzybowski, conservatives, to Joan Grzybowski, 281 Conway Road, $ 224,600.

Revocable trust agreement for the Localio family and Arthur Russell Localio, fiduciary, for Steve and Kathy Melnik Family Trust, Stephen D. Melnik and Kathleen Melnik, trustees, 143 Mill Village Road, $ 260,000.

East Longmeadow

Vitaly Dzhenzherukha and Vitaly Dzhenzheruka to Rafael Pereira Jr., 67 Lasalle St., $ 205,000.

Linda J. Cunningham to Sheri Dever, 9 Shawmut St., $ 220,000.

Michael P. Brinker, Katherine R. Strong and Katherine R. Brinker to Joseph B. Jubinville and Michelle A. Jubinville, 21 Wedgewood Road, $ 209,300.

Satish Kumar to Ravinder Arora, 191 Elm St., $ 180,000.

Richard E. Nasman and Ronald E. Nasman to Matthew C. McLeod, 15 Anne St., $ 179,900.

Warwara Gerasimow and Tatiana Broverman at Allison W. Harvey, 186 Allen St., $ 192,000.

Peter E. Robar and Ann A. Robar to Christopher J. Diclementi and Carolyne J. Articles, 121 Sanford St., $ 325,000.


Matthew A. Geertsma and Jennifer H. Geertsma to Michelle A. McKenna and Eric M. McKenna, 30 Morin Drive, $ 206,000.

Andrea Gonsalves McCallum to Matthew A. Geertsma and Jennifer H. Geertsma, 32 Williston Ave., $ 280,000.

Theresa Colby to Andrea T. McCallum, 32 Sandra Road, $ 215,000.

Autumn Properties LLC to Mark D. Brooks, 12 Doody Ave., $ 185,000.

Sean E. O & Leary and Esther Mesh, property, to Elizabeth Gillen and Frederick M. Cooksey, 8 Clark St., $ 210,000.


Reynold N. Henry Trust, Robert T. Henry, trustee, Robert T. Henry, Barney Hall Road, $ 28,400.


George L. Fournier to Robert F. Flynn III and Stephanie E. Bushee, 7 Lane Brook Circle, $ 183,000.

building plot

Susan E. Martin, estate, Robert F. Walker Jr., performer, Bernard Baker and Laura A. Baker, 22 Cleveland St., $ 218,000.

New England Newspapers, Inc. at Greenfield Community Television Inc., 393 Main St., Unit 2B, Massonic Hall Condominiums, $ 123,500.

FCF, LLC to CLJL Realty LLC, 8 Greenfield St., $ 450,000.

Anthony M. Zager and Peggy M. Zager, from PNC Bank, NA, to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 155 Barton Road, $ 163.969.

William L. Goly to Ryan P. Castine and Jessica L. Castine, 91 Overland Road, $ 266,000.

Rural Development Inc., Wisdom Way Solar Village LLC to Emma Morgan, 50 Solar Way, Unit 3W, Wisdom Way Condominium Solar Village, $ 140,000.

JJ Smith Properties LLC at Trisha Church, 66 Congress St., $ 125,000.


Carmelinas Real Estate LLC at Alinas Real Estate LLC, at 96 Russell St. and West Street, $ 600,000.

William E. Dwyer Jr., trustee and Margaret C. Dwyer Trust to Valley Building Co., Inc., 370 River Drive, $ 40,000.


BB Holdings LI LLC to Martin L. Jacque and Angelina A. Jacque, 93 Tall Pines Road, Unit 16, $ 299,250.


Hatfield Village LLC to George A. Goodridge and Joan E. Goodridge, 115 Elm St., $ 240,000.


Richard L. Farrow and Evelyn G. Farrow to David E. Lowell and Tammy M. Lowell, Dodge Road, Lot 2, 19.34 acres, $ 40,200.


Rene Carson Ovitt at Blayne K. Lum, 132 Taylor Brook Road, $ 3,500.


Wells Fargo Bank, trustee, at SP 1 LLC, 26 Amber Road, $ 10.125.


USA Housing & Urban Development to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Cogent Realty Trust, trustee of, 15 Portland St., $ 61,550.

Massachusetts Housing Finance to Jillian M. Tallman and Michael R. Bullough Jr., 94 Columbus Ave., $ 100,000.

Rajendra B. Pandit at Anjana Internationsl LLC, 642-648 High St., $ 125,000

Federal National Mortgage Assoc. and Fannie Mae to Kevin Phillips, 186 Walnut St., $ 37,000.

Diego Garcia and Ivelisse Colon-Garcia at Meghan A. O'Connor and Matthew O'Connor, 104 Columbus Ave., $ 169,900.

Rodney J. Faille, representative, Rodney L. Faille, held, Diego Garcia and Ivelisse Colon-Garcia, 34 Pinehurst Road, $ 230,000.


Irving B. Paton and Jacqueline A. Paten to John Yurek and Frances Yurek, George Lamb Road, $ 7,500.


Vinicius Azevedo to Michael J. O & Neil and Patricia A. Thompson-O & Neil, 78 Riverview Ave., $ 178,000.


Dana M. Robinovitz to Amy C. Paquette, 9 Pleasantview St., $ 170,000.

Misha Development LLC to Valerie A. Duvall and Manuel Bernardo, 41 Focosi Lane, $ 303,000.

Manuel Bernardo and Valerie A. Duvall to Joseph A. Barbieri and Kathleen C. Barbieri, 41 Focosi Lane, $ 305,000.


Federal National Mortgage Assoc. and Fannie Mae to Robert G. Pafumi III and Robert G. Pafumi Jr., 124 Wood Hill Road, $ 242,500.


David W. Tuttle to Julie E. March, 25 Norman Circle, $ 145,000.

Theresa M. Flaherty Real Estate Irrevocable Trust, Theresa M. Flaherty, individually and trustee, to Jeffrey L. Morse and Debra G. Morse, 1 Burnett St., $ 206,000.

Ryan P. Castine to Shawn A. Glazier and Catherine A. Glazier, 57 Oakman St., $ 155,000.

Diane Bogdan and Irene E. Kacpura to Scott Barlow and Allison J. Kaeppel, 115 Greenfield Road, $ 165,000.

New Salem

Joyce M. Siano and Daniel E. Morin to Daniel E. Morin, 92 Michael Lane, $ 10,000.


Bridge Road LLC to Rodney L. Bartels and Esther F. Bartels, 20 Bridge Road, $ 453,541.

Kathleen E. Lavalley to Anthony A. Vacchelli and Debra M. Vacchelli, Sylvester Road, $ 17,500.

Anthony A. Vacchelli, Debra M. Vacchelli and Debra Vacchelli at Kathleen E. Lavalley, Sylvester Road, $ 17,500.

Hospital Hill Development LLC and Massachusetts Development Finance Agency at Kent Pecoy & Sons Construction Inc., 91 Moser St., 112 Moser St., 116 Moser St., 120 Moser St. and 124 Moser St., $ 250,000.

Minda Goss and Gary Goss to Kyle Lee Hamer and Randall M. Ramusack, 67 Franklin St., $ 431,000.


Balk Real Estate Trust, Doris S. Balk, individually and trustees, at Ivars Byers, 55 East St., $ 115,000.

Reynold N. Henry Trust, Robert T. Henry, Trustee, Robert T. Henry, South Mountain Road, 2.67 acres, $ 46.400.


Thomas Strunjo and Valerie L. Strunjo at Adele Gadwah, 123 Congress St., $ 145,000.

Stanley E. Hatstat and Sharon P. Hatstat, from Everbank, to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 90 Putnam St., $ 131,602.

Thelesfad Blackbird at Pamela J. Whiteley, 225 Pleasant St, $ 135,000


Richard J. Corsi and Diane M. Corsi at Yuliana Kuswandi and Gregory M. Kozlowski, 108 Mason St., $ 290,000.

Jackson Brother Property Management LLC to Daniella Pootoolal, 3025 Thorndike St., $ 70,000.


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Peter Anipko, 259 General Knox Road, $ 35,000.


Matt D. Stamel to Peter R. Walsh and Kristin M. Walsh, 63 Locks Pond Road, $ 320,000.

South Hadley

K. Reed LLC to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee and Short4u Realty Trust, 52 Michael Drive, $ 112,000.

Marilyn Pasternak, Russell F. Pasternak and Russell Pasternak, de facto attorney, to Katie E. Downey, 6 Hunter Terrace and Landers Street, $ 164,000.

Jennifer L. Londraville to Michael B. Burnham and Allison R. Burnham, 2 Crystal Lane, $ 382,000.

Adam & Eve Construction LLC in Barry O & # 39; Connor & Abby O'Connor, 9 Apple Road, $ 335,000.


Jane Villamaino, Rose N. Anderson and John Steven Stefano at Luis A. Delgado, 77 Mayfair Ave., $ 116,000.

Selene Rmof Li Reo Acquisition at Fallah Razzak, 758 Carew St., $ 80,000.

J. Alberto Posada to Ernesto Martinez, 120-122 Orange St., $ 46,000.

Three Palms LLC to Legacy Strategic Investments LLP, 172 Marsden St., $ 35,500.

Bank of Ameria for Alliance Associates LLC, 42 Malden Street, $ 37,500.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, to Nikicia K. Walters, 20 Forbes Circle, $ 119,900.

Heath A. Cobb and Kertsi M. Cobb to Daniel G. Verteramo, 27 Inglewood Ave., $ 185,000.

Bretta Development LLC to Daniel E. Carabine and Christopher Carabine, 52 Chesterfield Ave., $ 222,000.

Maria Luisa Serrazina and Maria Luisa Ferreira to Francisco R. Serrazina, 216 Parker St., $ 115,000.

USA Housing & Urban Development at Hole in One Investments LLC, 20-22 Standish St., $ 92,000.

Marco A. Scibelli at Radames Leon, 184 Shawmut St., $ 85,000.

Bryan Lora to Jeffrey Fortune and Julie Fortune, 1174 Parker St., $ 100,000.

Pamela A. Jones to Lamar Johnson, 27 Mary Louise St., $ 90,000.

Springfield Rental LLC at United Bank, 1946 Wilbraham Road, $ 850,000.

Cabot Realty LLC at Onota Rental LLC, 11 Ozark St., $ 67,000.

Springfield City to Oussoud C. Abdul Baki, 57 Commonwealth Ave., $ 50,400.

Charlene M. Colon-Alvarado, representative, Louis G. Grimaldi and Louis Gertrude Grimaldi, estate, Theresa Campball, Myrtle Jenkins, Winifred Barksdale, Winifred R. Barksdale, Theresa L. Campbell and Hazel Griswold in Charlene M. Colon-Alvarado, 20 West Bay Path Terrace, $ 90,000.

Paul J. Stebbins, Marie Ann Stebbins and Marie Strebbins at Amanda M. Robert, 72 Squire Lane, $ 160,000.

US Bank Trust, trustee, to Jacob Kifa, 36 Burns Ave., $ 59,990.

Three Palms LLC to Legacy Strategic Investments LP, 25 Marengo Park, $ 62,000.

Rosalie Becker to Laura L. Discawicz, 26 Miner Street, $ 71,000.

Helen M. Croteau to Michael Simmonds Jr., 28 Spruce St., $ 9,900.

Springfield City to Marietta D. Shattelroe and Marietta D. Shattleroe, Worthington Street, $ 210.

Michael B. Burnham and Allison R. Burnham to Chi Chun Wong, 56 Gates Ave., $ 195,500.

Leo Sotiropoulos, Sarah Sotiropoulos, Peter C. Sotiropoulos and Deborah Sotiropoulos at Natalia Crespo-Rivera, 41 Parallel St., $ 122,500.

Alan R. Welch and Sandra A. Welch to Brian T. Cote and Maureen R. Cote, 75 Westbrook Drive, $ 125,000.

Cristobal Gutierrez and Annette Gutierrez to Lynette Gutierrez and Kyle Belden, 41 North Branch Parkway, 86,000 dollars.

Bobby R. Munyon and Valerie A. S. Munyon to Alexander T. Meyer, 148 Chalmers St., $ 145,000.

Charlene M. Colon-Alvarado, representative, Lois G. Grimaldi and Lois Gertrude Grimaldi, estate, to James W. Fiore, 15 Alice St., $ 31,750.

Gina Impagnatiello to Diane M. Soditis, 170 Powell Ave., $ 125,000.

Martin Jacque and Angelina Jacque to Daniel Branco and Elizabete R. Branco, 818 Belmont Ave., $ 135,000.


Leo E. Lashway, estate, Sharyn Paciorek, performer, to Jayne R. Peterson, 86 North Silver Lane, $ 182,000.


Arthur Pulaski and Ada Pulaski to Gregory Schlenk and Andrea Schlenk, 73 Pinewood Drive, $ 50,000.


Spencer K. Beaver and Julisa Victoria Beaver to Stephen M. Muniec, 22 Beach Road, $ 215,000.

Ritchie David Belcher, Sally Faith Smith and Sally F. Smith to Charles K. Monks and Jennifer E. Scalzi, 34 Walnut St., $ 57,000.


Read Auerbach and Pamela D. Auerbach at Jonathan Janes, 11 Stone Cutoff Road, $ 165,000.

West Springfield

David J. Taylor, Karen Taylor, Timothy F. Taylor, Janet Taylor, Patricia A. Lodi, Richard Lodi, Bruce W. Augusti, Margaret M. Taylor and Loretta M. Augusti to Daniel G. Moody and Charissa L. Leger, 312 Poplar Ave., $ 167,500.

Lois Brookes to Michael Muratore, 1084 Memorial Ave., $ 20,000.

Valley Sales Co. Inc. at New Valley Sales LLC, 92 Memorial Ave., $ 275,000.

Timofey Dunayev, Lyudmila Dunayeva and L. Dunayeva to Ronald J. Comi II and Chrissy A. Comi, 19 Bonair Ave., $ 180,000.

Yuriy Rudenko and Yelena Rudenko at Lola Makhmudova, 79-81 George St., $ 175,000.

Richard A. Bartlett and Ann E. Bartlett to Ruslan Marinadze and Salima Aznaurova, 20-22 Warren St., $ 160,000.

Nancy A. Palmer and Nancy J. Palmer to Mark A. Vincze Jr. and Erin R. Randall, 307 Hillcrest Ave., $ 165,000.

Robert H. Jones III and Rebecca A. Jones to Daniel J. Tourtellotte, 185 Ohio Ave., $ 220,000.


Bonita L. Gibney and Kimberly L. Gibney to Dimitrios Zantouliadis and Paschalia Zantouliadis, 549 Russell Road, $ 60,000.

Steven W. Maden, Douglas F. Maden, Jane Bixby and Jane Piklington to Gerard M. Farrelly, 7 Washington St., $ 73,000.

Bozek Realty Inc. at Belles Mohawk Realty LLC, 846 Airport Industrial Park Road, $ 290,000.

Ryan Y. Chen, Yichung Chen, Chiahsin L. Chen, Chia-hsin Lee, Chiahsin Chen and Ryan Chen to Brian H. Toole and Rita J. Ramsey, 18 Harvest Moon Lane, $ 415,000.

Mercer Island Realty Inc. at Pikeside Automotive LLC, 300 North Elm St., $ 330,000.

Dorothy P. Barnes to Alan A. Daigneau and Ruth A. Daigneau, trustees, Alan A. Daigneau and Ruth M. Statement of trust, trustees of, and Alan A. Daigneau and Ruth M. Daigneau, estate of life, 419 Southwick Road , Unit F-23, $ 160,000.

Sunnyside Corp. and Robin R. Sheldon to Nicholas M. Beaulieu and Rachel T. Beaulieu, 155 Northwest Road, $ 273,500.

Donna L. Smith to Rosemary J. Cordes and George W. Cordes Jr., 53 Fairview St., $ 70,000.


James S. Golec to Judith U. Herrell and Stephan B. Wurmbrand, 29 Edwards Road, $ 360,000.


Jeffrey A. Lefferts to Peter Baruffaldi, 3068 Boston Road, $ 137,500.

Ned R. Lidvall and Melody A. Lidvall to Paul T. Zimakas and Michelle E. Aube, 113 High Pine Circle, $ 410,000.

Timothy J. Traynor and Anise M. Traynor at Revocable Indenture of Trust of Constance Soss Gould, Administrator of, and Constance Soss Gould, Trustee, 5 Algonquin Drive., $ 415,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assoc. and Fannie Mae at Karolina M. Kopczynski, 592 Stony Hill Road, $ 229,900.


Melissa J. Wilson, performer, and Palma Wilson, estate, to David J. Brooks and Rebecca I. Brooks, 65 1/2 Mountain St., $ 100,000.


Robert W. Randall and Mary E. H. Randall to Leonard Fishman and Susan Schnur, 4 Capen St., $ 480,000.