RECAP – Beijing Express (M6): the red flag back, a binomial eliminated

RECAP – Beijing Express (M6): the red flag back, a binomial eliminated

Last week, Estelle left the adventure. Tonight, head for the Philippines for our five teams still in the race. The second country crossed by the infernal race, promises extraordinary discoveries. Early in the morning, it is in the heart of the small fishing village of Dagupan, on the edge of the China Sea, which will have to offer two fish and eat them for their first mission. Without this, they will not be able to start their hitchhiking ride. Christina and Didier are in the lead, followed by Maxime and Alizée who have been attacked by the prison guards, and Florian and Gabriel follow them. Maurice and Thierry, the elders of the competition, are late and decide to take the bus. Arrived in Vigan, the "forbidden car" sign welcomes the teams! They have to leave their vehicle in a carriage that takes them on a city tour.

A small carriage ride

To be admitted to the immunity test, candidates must answer a question about the city that Stéphane Rotenberg will ask them. They have to show a keen sense of observation and a good memory. Christina and David are the first to arrive and answer the question immediately. It was necessary to write Leona Florentino, a Filipino poetess. Florian and Gabriel, Maxime and Alizée, qualify for the event. But for now, all competitors must find accommodation for the night and everyone is lucky. Florian and Gabriel even offer the luxury of a small night walk during which they even try the zumba.

The time has come for the test of immunity: the test of the vessels. Maxime, Florian and David will have to show the strength and the mind to contain the longest, their jar that fills with water gradually. Maxime is the first to launch the tin, Didier in second position. Against all odds, it was Florian and Gabriel who won the qualification for the sixth stage.

Return of the red flag

The legendary red flag is back! It is a formidable weapon that all the contestants dream of owning and the first duo that will arrive at its level will possess it until the end of the scene. Mehdi and Osama are for the first time, the first to leave and succeed in winning the precious sesame. Maxime and Alizée arrive in second place and make an agreement with the duo of the best friends. They find a car & they promise not to exceed them. In return, Mehdi and Osama will not wave their flag. The five teams still competing must now engage in a Claveria hunt on the northern tip of Luzon. In third place, Maurice and Thierry manage to overcome Mehdi and Osama. Taken in flagrante, Maurice decides to restart the duo. But when they try to betray Mehdi and Osama, they are punished! They have to stay 15 minutes at the bus stop and get sick …

Betrayal to the horizon

Maxime and Alizée who took a short cut, I'm finally in the lead. Now it's time to look for a place to sleep. They find a large house where the owner is absent. But while the night has just come down, the woman who welcomed them just ask them to leave. It is anxiety! Fortunately, the couple quickly find the village school where they can spend the night. When you wake up, it's time to start over. Yesterday, without knowing how to take a parallel path, the BCBG lovers are in the lead and Mehdi and Osama who hold the red flag, fear the betrayal …

After 420 km and 3 days of races, Maxime and Alizée arrive first in Claveria. But since they have a deal with Mehdi and Osama, they want to wait for the best childhood friends. But how are you sure they have not already passed? Not knowing where the other candidates are, they are reluctant to get on the carpet of arrival …

Final duel and magic square

All the other candidates are approaching Claveria. Will Mehdi and Osama reach their first victory? It is won! "We did not deserve it 100%, it's thanks to Maxime and Alizée". They waited 45 minutes and placed second. Little by little, Maurice and Thierry arrive last. Now they have to choose their opponents for the final duel. It will be Maxime and Alizée! "A balanced choice in relation to our strengths" announces Maurice.

The final duel is launched: a very short hitch ride of about twenty kilometers. See you at a school, Claveria East Century School, to receive their mission. Maxime is the first to get on a bus, but Thierry ends up doubling him and arrives first. It is conducted in a classroom to solve the magic square, a puzzle that requires logic, reflection and patience.

"I dream of going to the end of Beijing Express with my son!" Maurice remained on the beach anxious to leave the adventure, just like his competitor Alizée. "Thank you all, I love you" Maxime is the first to solve his magic square. Thierry follows him closely and also embarks on a Tuk-Tuk! They are side by side and it is finally Thierry who arrives first on the flag. Compliments! "I'm sorry, my heart", excuses Maxime.

"She is the woman of my life"

The black envelope will determine if they have been deleted or not! And this is a eliminatory step … "We do not regret, we have been ourselves and only confirms that she is the woman of my life" emotionally entrusts to Maxime. It is in front of the China Sea that the two lovers end this adventure and decide to give their amulets to Mehdi and Osama. In the next episode, the teams will mingle … See you next week!

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