RECAP – Beijing Express (M6): the red flag back, a binomial eliminated

RECAP – Beijing Express (M6): the red flag back, a binomial eliminated

Last week, Estelle left the adventure. Tonight, head for the Philippines for our five teams still in the race. The second country crossed by the infernal race, promises extraordinary discoveries. Early in the morning, it is in the heart of the small fishing village of Dagupan, on the edge of the China Sea, which will have to offer two fish and eat them for their first mission. Without this, they will not be able to start their hitchhiking ride. Christina and Didier are in the lead, followed by Maxime and Alizée who have been attacked by the prison guards, and Florian and Gabriel follow them. Maurice and Thierry, the elders of the competition, are late and decide to take the bus. Arrived in Vigan, the "forbidden car" sign welcomes the teams! They have to leave their vehicle in a carriage that takes them on a city tour.

A small carriage ride

To be admitted to the immunity test, candidates must answer a question about the city that Stéphane Rotenberg will ask them. They have to show a keen sense of observation and a good memory. Christina and David are the first to arrive and answer the question immediately. It was necessary to write Leona Florentino, a Filipino poetess. Florian and Gabriel, Maxime and Alizée, qualify for the event. But for now, all competitors must find accommodation for the night and everyone is lucky. Florian and Gabriel even offer the luxury of a small night walk during which they even try the zumba.

The time has come for the test of immunity: the test of the vessels. Maxime, Florian and David will have to show the strength and the mind to contain the longest, their jar that fills with water gradually. Maxime is the first to launch the tin, Didier in second position. Against all odds, it was Florian and Gabriel who won the qualification for the sixth stage.