REPLAY: "Homo in the suburbs" ... the edifying story of Special Envoy (France 2)

Elise Lucet has proposed a new issue ofSpecial Correspondent Thursday evening, which offers an uplifting report on the daily lives of gays and lesbians in the suburbs, through the testimony of Lyes Alouane, a young man who lives in Gennevilliers, near Paris. The latter has decided to bring the voice of homosexual neighborhoods to light. Distribution of leaflets, demonstrations, its approach disturbs. The cameras ofSpecial Correspondent they have followed this informer's fight and tells the complex daily life of gays and lesbians living in neighborhoods.

In fact, in some cities, showing your sexuality can be dangerous, to the point that many homosexuals decide to hide. Like Lyes who is a victim from his coming out "Homophobic insults, throwing bottles of beer, spitting in the face … I am constantly awake" He says. The documentary of last night reveals a world sometimes macho, pressure of the boys, online harassment and homophobia that can manifest themselves since childhood …

Also in the summary of last night:

SAV, if customers knew it

The break is the obsession of all consumers. Because any dysfunction means complaint and possible complications. What are the more or less acceptable methods of customer services to pay more to users?

In the name of faith, children sacrificed

Investigation of a religious community among the most secret of the United States, the Disciples of Christ.

Special Correspondent attracted 2,163,000 viewers last night, a market share of 10.3%.

Special Correspondent it is to see in reproduction

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