reports on the disease of the actress have not been confirmed

reports on the disease of the actress have not been confirmed


The web periodically reports that the actress Angelina Jolie has cancer or is only seriously ill. It is clear that the health of these celebrities is always under public control, especially in the light of events such as divorce, and negative emotional outbursts can cause illness.

As it is known for almost a couple of years there is a process of divorce between Jolie and Pete, which obviously does not have the best effect on the health of the spouses. Recently, among other things, he became known about the upcoming statements of the actress from her ex-husband. It turns out that it does not give much money to keep her and the children in common.

It is only hard to imagine such a thing on the part of Pitt, since he has never circumvented his duties and generally has a reputation as a decent person. But in general, Jolie's health theme appears on the Internet, and all because of its painful appearance. Then it gets thinner, then it gets fat, then it seems, as if it would die soon.

Angelina Jolie is sick, the cancer of the actress is new

But if we talk about diseases like Jolie's cancer, then there was no new information. As you know, the artist has a predisposition to cancer. Also married to Pitt, he decided on a dangerous event. He decided to do an operation to prevent cancer.

With the help of doctors, he discovered that the probability of having breast cancer is very high. There were guilty factors. This is both an inheritance and a lifestyle, inform the site C- ib.ru. As a result, not to wait for her, she decided to take off her breasts with a surgical procedure. What you did, as you know, the operation was successful.

But it was a long time ago, and now you do not know what he has with oncology. As far as we know, there are no problems, the star is periodically examined and visits the doctors. As for the health of Bred's ex-wife, she previously suffered from anorexia, but Pitt helped her recover. In addition, Angelina recently stated in an interview she had, since it is called "Bell Palsy". This is when part of the facial muscles worked poorly. This led to the fact that part of the face, as if it had been lowered. It is now treated in many ways.

All this, he said, was due to the fact that, according to her, women think of themselves as a last resort. Furthermore, it became known that the actress had established relationships with her father, with whom she had not spoken for a long time.

The latest news on Angelina Jolie, at which stage of the divorce

But the main thing now for the actress is divorce, which is not yet completed. They say he wants to create a bad reputation for the ex-husband and deprive his children. She accused him of paying little money. Nevertheless, the fact that he bought a family home for eight million and another one and a half million has given a year for the maintenance of his children.

According to her, after the break, she moved with six children to the villa Beaux Arts, which once belonged to the director Cecil Blount DeMille. Jolie spoke about her relationship with Pitt: "We take care of each other, take care of our family, we are working to achieve a common goal".

"Our way of life was not a problem for anyone and did not have a negative impact, which is one of the great opportunities we can offer our children". All six children have grown up and think about people, I am very proud of them, "he added.

He also recalled his divorce experiences with his parents. "When I was a child, when my parents were divorcing, I was very worried about my mother, and I do not want my children to worry about me." When I want to cry, I do it in the bathroom, not in front of their eyes. order, even if you're not sure, "says Jolie.

The actress reported that after the divorce she spent most of her time at home and at the children, she went to cooking classes. "For nine months I just tried to be a good housewife: I cleaned the dog, washed the dishes and read stories for the night – all three things have improved for me, but now I need to put on my shoes and take a trip ", added.

At the same time, he noticed that he feels like a real woman. "To be honest, now I feel fully a woman, because I am sensitive in my decisions, I put the family first, I am responsible for my life and my health. I think these things make a woman's life complete," says Jolie .

It's been almost two years since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt filed for divorce. According to Western media, "celebrities are still far from the finish line". "At the moment they are close to a situation with no exit," the source said. – There is still a lot to do, including financial matters. Now the lawyers are completely focused on childcare ".

In January, the source of the publication reported that Pitta and Jolie associated "friendly relations", but now the same source claims that in the last two months Jolie has done everything to make the situation "tense". Angelina wants the marriage to be resolved as soon as possible.

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