Salma Hayek: your vacation photos are getting hotter

Salma Hayek: your vacation photos are getting hotter

Hollywood star Salma Hayek is currently on holiday on the island of Bora Bora. Send greetings to your fans in the form of posts on Instagram – and they are getting warmer with time.

What fantastic wishes! The actress Salma Hayek (51, "Frida") currently enjoys a summer break in Bora Bora and lets her fans share her trip via Instagram. The plan already included a joint immersion with her husband François-Henri Pinault (56), boat trips and, of course, swimming and sunbathing. But one thing is surprising: the photos of Hayek's holidays become increasingly hot and revealing!

Hayek's followers were particularly pleased with a photo of sexy bikinis. More than 730,000 people pressed on Instagram for the red heart. In front of the crystal clear water, the actress presented her feminine curves in a dark blue bikini. It's hard to believe that American Americans with Mexican roots are more than 50 years old!

Selfie of summer no-make-up