Scarlett Johansson wins US $ 15 million for the Black Widow film



Scarlett Johansson would be about to receive a large salary for her next film exclusively dedicated to the character Black Widow.

According to a report published on Thursday by The Hollywood Reporter, Johansson wins US $ 15 million, equivalent to what Chris Evans – Captain America's interpreter – and Chris Hemsworth – who personifies Thor – won in Avengers: Infinity War and in the individual films of each of these characters.

Marvel Studios, Johansson and The Hollywood Reporter they did not respond immediately to requests for comments from CNET.

However, in a statement to The Hollywood ReporterA Marvel spokesperson said: "Marvel Studios doubts the accuracy of this figure and as a company policy we never make publicly known what the wages or conditions of the agreements are."

Johansson played superheroin Black Widow in six films. The film with the character as protagonist still does not have a definite release date in the cinemas.

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