Sector "AAAAA" on the drum: Monetochka kissed Yakubovich on the lips

Sector "AAAAA" on the drum: Monetochka kissed Yakubovich on the lips

The singer won the multivariate

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Strange things happen on the TV of grandmother. In the air of the federal channel appeared in the studio of the popular popular program young, fast recognition singer Monetochka. A young girl, crushed by Zemfira herself, was not even understood in one step by the older generation (because of – so observed – blasphemous parody on "Brother"). It seems that feints only affect teenagers with their rebellious maximism (everything, if only my mother did not like it). And now, please, on the "Field of Miracles". How and why – the question is open, although the answer seems self-evident: the same HYIP. Especially the singer has released an active PR to support the tour. But this is not important, the audience was amused by the fact itself. The girl kissed her grandfather Uncle Lenya. In the mouth. Social network in ecstasy.


The air of September 14 was dedicated to hairdressers on the occasion of the relevant International Day. The participants in the program were asked to continue with the expression with which the hairdressers were looking for their customers in Russia: "We shave, we cut with a hedgehog hedgehog, we make bare patchwork, we treat …"


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