Serena Williams serves another administration: joins the Poshmark Board of Directors

Serena Williams is flexing her influential muscles by adding another direction to her belt: she joined the board of the retail and online resale platform, Poshmark. This is Williams' second direction. In 2017, she joined the board of directors of the online survey giant SurveyMonkey.

The icon of the entrepreneur and of sport is the first African American and first woman of the Poshmark council. It will help guide the social commerce company in its growth plans.

Poshmark announced its appointment to the board of directors on Wednesday, with founder and CEO Manish Chandra supporting Williams as a welcome addition and a great opportunity for the company, given its entrepreneurial prowess and passion.

"Poshmark was built by a community of strong, independent women, just like Serena Williams," said Manish Chandra, founder and CEO of Poshmark in a press release. "As our company and our community continue to grow, it is important to bring new and intelligent new items to the table, and we could not be more excited about what the future holds with Serena in our corner."

The Californian online market is powered by a community of 40 million people who sell and buy used items. The platform currently hosts more than 75 million listings and also serves as a place where users can show their personal style. Since its foundation in 2011, Poshmark claims to have distributed over $ 1 billion to its sales community.

Williams launched his clothing line, SERENA, in 2018. This launch placed on the Poshmark radar for potential involvement, and the company imagined that she was a natural choice while climbing her social commerce platform. . Williams also saw this as an opportunity to make another impact.

"Poshmark interrupts retailing by shopping and socializing again, and I like working with a company that offers anyone the opportunity to become an entrepreneur," Williams said in a press release.

In a video on the announcement, Williams said he was excited to join Poshmark because the company talked about its core values. "For me it was a breeze," he said. Williams said he was already a Poshmark user for years, primarily as a buyer. But now it will officially become a seller on the platform.

In addition to joining Poshmark's board of directors, he is also launching a Elegant wardrobe for charity, for the benefit of the non-profit that began in 2016, The Yetunde Price Resource Center, based in Compton, California, hometown.

It is a cause dear to it: to empower victims of violence by allowing them access to resources that promote healing, resilience, personal growth and transformation. The Yetunde Price Resource Center, the namesake of Williams' eldest sister, Yetunde, tragically killed by an act of violence in 2003, works with partner organizations to provide trauma-informed programs, including health and mental health providers, schools and art therapy.

Fans will have the opportunity to buy clothes worn by Williams in her Elegant wardrobe for charity, including the floral kimono she wore for the 2017 French Open, the clothes worn on the red carpet, a custom Gucci jacket and many other items.

You will donate all your income to the Yetunde Price Resources Center. Those interested in shopping in the Serena closet can consult

Below, see why Serena feels strongly in favor of the company as she and Poshmark CEO Manish Chandra sit down to discuss her appointment to the board.

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