Sergio Mayer falls into the joke where they pass an adult actor as a leading student

Sergio Mayer falls into the joke where they pass an adult actor as a leading student

There is a trend in jokes in which several politicians have fallen.

It is about publishing a photograph in the social networks of an adult film actor and extolling it with a text that says he is a prominent student or scientist.

The most recent victim of this joke was the actor Sergio Mayer, who is also a deputy of Morena.

It is said that Mayer has shared on his Twitter account the photo of the actor known as Jordi, "El Niño Polla", in which he was said to be a competitor of quantum physics who won a scholarship at Harvard.

The politician added the text in his retuit: "It is important to underline and support national talent so as not to have any leaks of talent".

The joker who knocked Mayer into the game surprised him on Twitter and said:

"Good afternoon, deputy, I'd like to introduce my brother to CDMX, who won a Harvard scholarship to win the national quantum physics contest."

When he made his mistake, he deleted the social network retut, but some people managed to take screenshots and when a person questioned him for falling in love with the joke he said "Ni pex".

Jordi, "El Niño Polla", is 24 years old and is a well-known porn actor of Spanish origin, who works for Brazzers and Reality Kings production companies.

Previously, Marcelo Ebrard, the next foreign secretary, had been "deceived" by the image of the porn actress Mia Khalifa.

The former head of the government of Mexico City has readjusted his congratulations Khalifa on his Twitter account, which he passed as a student from Oaxaca, and said that "these efforts are what we should support", however, when thinking That was a fake report, Ebrard decided to apologize and cancel his tweet.

"They tell me that Miranda García's tweet is false, I'm sorry, in any case, I support what was said in favor of innovation," he said later.

With information from Milenio, MVS and Indigo Report