Showbiz expects that, after Loboda ROC has annotated Cord and Face Priest in his video, Drobysh is outraged, Smirnov asks for more rigidity – URA.RU

Showbiz expects that, after Loboda ROC has annotated Cord and Face Priest in his video, Drobysh is outraged, Smirnov asks for more rigidity – URA.RU

One of the most attentive viewers of the artist's new clip was the representatives of the Russian Orthodox ChurchPhoto: instagram @ lobodaofficial

The call of the priest Blagoveshchensky Svyatoslav Shevchenko to remove the video SuperSTAR of the Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda for the provocative scenes caused a flurry of discussions in the cultural space of Russia. The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) said that such debauchery is strictly contraindicated for children. The experts interviewed by "URA.RU", explained the danger of the ROC's offensive on the secular Internet space and suggested which of the Russian stars would be next in sight of the religious censors.

A person should have a choice and it is not necessary to ban anything, I'm sure the manufacturer Iosif Prigozhin. In an interview with URA.RU, he explained that the main task of church representatives is to make sure that those who come to them do not watch such clips. "Maybe Loboda has something provocative in her video, but the priest can not forbid this or that video clip because the singer sees her work that way," explained the artistic director. There are many ways of self-expression, he recalled.

"If you forbid Loboda, after this you have to banish the group of Leningrad, the rapper Face and many others." Again there is a picture of "Danae." She is naked in the hermitage but we live in an era completely different, so that the church forbids something, "said the expert.

The priests should not impose on Loboda how to engage in creativity, I am sure that the agency's expert

Svetlana Loboda, Instagram

With a colleague he agreed the music producer Victor Drobysh. Creativity should be free, of course. The art manager has admitted that he has not yet seen the new video of Loboda, but believes that there is nothing provocative in the video. He also suggested that the noise around the video could serve as PR goals, and the priest could be from the singer's team. Music critic Artur Gasparyan has taken a more assertive stance and is convinced that the incident with the video is "this is crazy". "Svetlana Loboda does not tell the priests what to do about their services What is their business up to what the performer does in his videos?" – the interlocutor asked the agency.

If we were in another country, Loboda could have cut off the head, the head of the Patriarchal Commission for the family, motherhood and child protection, Archpriest, said in a conversation with "URA.RU" Dimitry Smirnov. He pointed out that he was not familiar with the singer's work, but recalled Petra Pavlensky, who nailed his genitals to the Red Square. The man could thus protest in Russia, "and as he came to Paris – his freedom is over," explained the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, adding that such actions can take place in Russia, since the country has a large lobby that loves freedom.

Demetrius Smirnov wanted Loboda tougher penalties

PHOTO: Wikipedia

According to Smirnov, the priest Blagoveshchensk acted absolutely correctly in terms of his belief, at least he will die more easily, because he did something when the others were silent. "Shame and conscience – this is one of the fundamental characteristics of man, and when people lose their shame – people turn into animals, and there's no way back," he warned. 39, arciprete, adding that debauchery is dangerous for young people whose psyche remains mobile.

However, experts agree: at this stage the conflict did not go on stage when the artists were forced to cancel or correct their creativity and in this case Loboda could ably abandon the situation by adding the "18+" mark to the clip. It was not possible to find out from the singer herself what motivated her to compromise: the actress did not respond to the call of the correspondent "URA.RU".

Svetlana Loboda is known for provocations. In spring 2017, because of his concert in Odessa, there were mass riots with firecrackers, smoke grenades and tear gas. Local radicals have infuriated his performances in Russia. So the organizers have deleted the speech. In February of this year, he tried to reincarnate in Bob Dylan, but the fans did not appreciate the experiment and did not see the similarities. In June, lovers of his work were outraged by the fact that the artist danced a dance open in the teaser of the new video of the ninth month of pregnancy.

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