Slowly the jungle camp is filling up

Dying fans have long started to count down the jungle camp – and that is high time. After all, since the crowning of jungle queen Jenny Frankhauser (who still remembers the half-sister of TV star Daniela Katzenberger?) Over nine months have passed and probably mid-January will be another two weeks on RTL: "I am a star – Get me out of here! & # 39;

Of course the fans of the format want to know as early as possible which candidates from the ranks of exhausted celebrities they can look out for. Presenter Sonja Zietlow had heralded happy speculation this time when she wrote on Facebook in early October: "I will discover today who will make us happy in January in the jungle." The damper immediately came after: "But I can not reveal anything."

There is often something in the way of rumors

Only a few days ago the 50-year-old on Facebook showed a picture of the adjustment – so it's really serious. No wonder that the first name of the candidate was gradually leaked. The roles in the rumor mill are clearly divided: the "Bild" newspaper and the magazine "Closer" are well informed, the station RTL refuses to comment as usual. However, experience shows that many of the celebrities, whose names are now being mentioned, will be in a pile in the jungle in a few weeks.

For example, a jungle camper could be an actor Tommy Piper (77), the German voice of the television alien Alf. Piper does not like the character that made him famous: "I no longer got any roles because I was always associated with him." Is that money misery? Piper does not comment – that is part of the game. If he has signed a contract, then with a confidentiality clause.

Months before the broadcast, the rumor mill sees the new members of the jungle camp. According to media reports, voice actor Tommi Piper has committed himself to the RTL format.

Months before the broadcast, the rumor mill sees the new members of the jungle camp. According to media reports, voice actor Tommi Piper has committed himself to the RTL format.
| Image: Stephan Jansen / dpa

Also no confirmation is expected from the other alleged candidates of the 13th season. No home-made millionaire Bastian Yotta (41), who has proved extremely tolerant in "Adam Seeks Eve – Celebrities in Paradise", even by the former porn actress Sibylle smoke (58, "I've fucked and ruined my half life!") And certainly not the ex-Bachelor In Paradise candidates Evelyn Burdecki (30) and Domenico theCicco (35), who for the first time became a few in public and then also publicly shared. Such a conflict potential is good on television.

also Annemarie Eilfeld (28, third on "Germany is looking for the Superstar" 2009) is in conversation, but denies: "I certainly will not move to the jungle camp in 2019." The DSDS experience too Emilija Mihailova (29) at this moment the covers fall on "Adam sucht Eve" – ​​the best condition for the jungle. Also the former "Germany & # 39; s Next Topmodel" candidates Gisele Oppermann (29, known for her tear bursts) and Klaudia giez (21) would have moved to the camp. Daniela Büchner (40) – husband Jens was in Australia in 2017 – is also mentioned as a potential candidate. Your advantage: it attaches to everything and everyone.

There is room for twelve candidates

The jungle camp is probably filled with twelve candidates – even if some of the names in circulation are right, one or the other hammock is free. Schlager star Tony Marshall wants to lie in it, but not – heart problems. Comedian Otto Waalkes is still waiting for RTL to ask him if he wants to fly to Australia. Perhaps the Überlinger Johannes Haller would have time? Since & # 39; Celebrity Big Brother & # 39; they know that he is doing well around the campfire and can cope with little food and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements.