Sophie Davant (Case concluded): what happens to his children Nicolas and Valentine?

If she does not stand in front of the camera, like tonight for the best time of her daily show Case closedOn France 2, Sophie Davant is a mother like any other. His two children, Nicolas and Valentine, who grew up with him in magazines, are now young adults. What have they become?

During this weekend of the Heritage Days, it looks forward to the Chateau de Cheverny, in the Loire, that Sophie Davant is organizing this Saturday evening broadcast Case closed. Ubiquitous on the small screen, the animator is nevertheless a mother. With her ex-husband Pierre Sled she had two children: Nicolas, who celebrated his 25th birthday last July, and Valentine, who turns 23 in November. While the general public saw that they were posing younger in magazines with their parents, the young man and the young woman are now fleeing the exhibition.

The last time they appeared with Sophie Davant, it was in 2015 on the set of Strong Sunday. Against Michel Drucker, Valentine, then 19 years old, declared that she studied law and political sciences. She even said that she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her parents and wanted to become a journalist. Nicolas, then 21 years old, also studied law, but seemed less categorical about his plans for the future.

Since this show the young man has left in the world of music and now acts as a DJ. He even co-founded his record company, Sonath. Her sister has a degree in law and political science. She follows higher education in London and comes back to Paris regularly to see his friends … and of course his parents.

Photo & # 39; s: Abaca