The hero of the latest version of Dmitry Shepelev's "In fact" program starred in the show "Battle of Psychics" Tatyana Larina.

In the study, the woman told of her unfinished personal life and her husband's betrayal.
A few years ago, Tatiana married Julia Mitkevich-Daletskiy, who is younger than her 22-year-old.

Despite the enormous age difference, the couple dreamed of having children.

They underwent a special examination, delivered their biological material and froze the embryo, which remained only to be paid. However, soon the woman began to understand that in their family all is not well. The young husband did not want to work and live with his wife. He dragged his money, set them aside to buy an apartment and rested with his lovers. Once Tatyana came home and found Julia talking with her computer turned off. Larina imagined her husband was taking drugs, but when she asked him directly, Julius threw himself at her with his fists.

Elena decided to resist until one day she found a flash drive on which the spouse took photos from the phone. In addition to images on a flash drive, the woman found Yulia's correspondence with her bosses and a frame that showed she was using forbidden substances.
Finally convinced of the betrayal Julia Tatiana requested a divorce, soon Mitkevich-Daletsky was arrested for drugs. According to lawyers, it has a realistic deadline. The editors of want to add, now, having understood who can give birth, Tatyana wants to get rid of her unborn child, so as not to give birth to a scoundrel.

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