Star chef Jamie Oliver grabs a thief

Star chef Jamie Oliver grabs a thief

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Heroic: Jamie Oliver grabs a thief

In fact, swing
Jamie Oliver
43, full-time, the kitchen spoon and let the pot lids turn like no other. Now the TV star stops criminals: last Tuesday the British chef chased a criminal who had tried to break into his luxury villa. The family was at the time of 10 million euros in the property. But instead of waiting for the police, he ran after the man, overwhelmed him and held him back until the police arrived. A neighbor who came to help Jamie told the Daily Mail: "He was only very brave and unselfish of him, Oliver is a hero." Even if all was well, the accident should not only scare the family, but also remember the past experiences – it was not the first break-in.

Michael Wendler joins the "Sixx Paxx" group of strippers

A month ago Michael Wendler released his new album "Next Level", now his next project is already in the starting blocks. Michael Wendler, the self-proclaimed "
King of Pop
-Schlager ", follows in the footsteps of his fellow singer
Marc Terenzi
, 40: "The Wendler" becomes a member of the "Sixx Paxx" group of strippers. According to "Vip.de" wants the 46 year old in October as a member of the group on stage. His "six-pack" keeps the singer in front of visitors but still covered. At the Male Revue fashion show probably in Europe, he wants to "just" conquer the voice and impress with light dance moves.

It never gets boring with Michael Wendler. He has just released his new album "Next Level", as the pop singer surprises with his latest project: he joins the "Sixx Paxx" stripper group. But also "The Wendler" abandons the cases?

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