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The child was screaming and needed to be fed. Only one person on the flight Philippine Airlines was able to help.
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It was a busy week for Stormy Daniels. His name returned to the headlines when his lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has been accused of domestic violence, and now the porn star complains of a bad experience during the flight.

Daniels says that Aer Lingus lost all his luggage while traveling on Thursday.

Daniels took on Twitter to tell his story and warn his followers about the Irish airline.

"Attention! Never fly @AerLingus I flew in business class (this airline does not have 1st class) and ALL my bags have been lost.I can not get answers or help," he wrote. "I gave myself more than 24 hours before my important conference for any eventuality but now it seems that AGAIN has to cancel because I do not have any of my stuff"

The airline responded to Daniels tweet with his apology.

"Our sincerest apologies for the delay in receiving luggage," wrote the tweet. "Can you send us the reference number of your baggage number and we can get an update on your bag as soon as possible?"

In a follow-up tweet, Daniels said he had not yet located his bags.

"Looks like a problem in progress, @AerLingus", he tweeted. "Where the (imprecation) IS MY BAGGAGE!" He flew 10 hours to give a speech and I can not do it without any of my stuff. "

On Thursday, however, things seemed to run for the star.

"Anyone who manages the Twitter account @AerLingus deserves an increase and a promotion because they are the only ones who seem able to get (imprecation) facts!" he tweeted. "Thank you for managing my problem and saving the day!"

The airline then tweeted another response: "We're glad we can help, Stormy."

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