Superstar Anastacia: spontaneous duet with Dortmunder street musician

From street musician to star – which singer does not dream of being suddenly discovered? But what happened to a young musician in the center of Dortmund, he probably did not even imagine his wildest dreams.

The young man sits in the pedestrian zone with a stool and his guitar, for him is a hat with change, when suddenly superstar Anastacia comes and asks him to duet. "Play another song", he asks the 50-year-old. Completely blind, dressed in jeans, a blazer and a twisted base cap, the American superstar agrees with the Dortmund street musician, the classic "Stand by me".

Video of Anastacia's spontaneous appearance with the street musician of Dortmund goes viral

The video of the spontaneous appearance is now viral in the social networks. The singer has also published part of her Instagram page. "I post this to say that it is not easy in this industry, but if someone likes what he does, it does not matter where he has the opportunity to perform," writes the singer. Anyway, if you have the opportunity to support someone, you should do it. And: "Remember, this talented man deserves a life like this."

After the duet Anastacia grabs the hat of the young musician and collects money from passersby. "That is for his life", emphasizes the 50-year-old, who regrets that she herself has no money. But the joint performance with the pop star is in any case unaffordable for the young street musician.

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