Swansea Christmas parade branded 'terrible' after the three-float event 'left thousands of families disappointed'

Swansea Council has been apologized after its Christmas parade was dubbed to "shambles" by parents who suggested the five-minute event left "thousands of families disappointed".

In the city center were closed from 4pm for the Christmas light switch in Swansea, which promised "spectacular shows and stages" as well as "dynamic dance-troupes".

However, construction in the city center meant for the festive audience, which meant the council seen in 2017.

The leader of Swansea Council Rob Stewart has been apologized to those disappointed about the event, saying they fell short.

He was a "big disappointment" and said he was a "sad event for thousands of kids" who were excited for the Christmas light switch on.

He added: "Swansea Council need to revisit this and see where they made mistakes."

Calling the parade "absolute rubbish", another said: "[The event] has been to the worst parade I've ever been to. Swansea Council should be ashamed of itself.

"We stood here for an hour for three floats."

Lucy Phillips, from the BBC, from the Swansea, claimed the parade "was over in five minutes" after they had "stood around for an hour expecting something magical".

She added: "It was a total shambles. My daughter looked at me and said 'is that it Mammy?' "

Another said: "Not sure who organized Swansea's Christmas parade this year but they definitely have some help."

"Another disappointed Swansea resident wrote" For all the road closures and traffic chaos

Posting the event, which last year drew in a crowd of 30,000, Councillor Stewart said that the problem was limited.

He said: "I can only apologise.

"This year was going to be challenging because of the scale of construction works in the city center, which meant not all areas were accessible and safe for the numbers attending.

"This, in turn, meant we could not deliver the full parade that we had last year. The know officers and others worked really hard to get the route ready.

"However, despite the effort, it was not good enough. We will review and plan again for next year.

"I'm sorry we fell short."

"Apologies to those who were disappointed. We will get it right next year. "

Swansea Council has been approached for comment.