Tamer Hosny flies to America

Tamer Hosny flies to America

Tamer Hosny flies to America

Saturday, October 13, 2018 4:17:00 AM – Readers 267

Tamer Hosny flies to America

The singer Tamer Hosni was exposed to a health beetle that caused serious infections in his vocal chords. He was transferred to a hospital yesterday after completing the episode of "Happiness" with artist Assaad Younis.

According to reports in the press that the artist Tamer Hosni will travel to America today to carry out a number of medical tests, to return to Cairo after his reassurance about his health.

Hossam Hosny, Tamer Hosni's brother, posted an excuse for his performance at some of his concerts on his Facebook page. "We apologize for the inability of the artist Tamer Hosni to revive your concert today, because of the circumstances of his serious illness, as you have learned, and all thanks for your cooperation and your question." In his honor in his absence , a genuine sense of respect and respect from the people of the university and the management of the university and the organization of the organization, just like God and what he wants to do, thank goodness. & # 39;

Many artists in Egypt and the Arab world wanted to support singer Tamer Hosni after having had a state of health in the early hours of Friday morning 12 October. Some of them wished him a speedy recovery and returned to his family and his audience.

The latest work by Tamer Hosni, "The Suit", that managed to break the record achieved by the film "forced flight" starring Ahmad Al-Sakka and "War Karamoz" starring Amir Karara after only 7 weeks of the show.

In 7 weeks the suit earned nearly £ 55 million, compared to the movie "A Fugitive Escape", which earned £ 54 million after 10 weeks, as well as "War of Karamuz", which also earned 53 million and £ 452,000 in 10 weeks .


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