Tamer Hosny Takedown "The Suit" … and the audience accuses this artist

Tamer Hosny Takedown "The Suit" … and the audience accuses this artist

Tamer Hosny "The Suit" .. And the audience accuses this news of the artist kingdom, quoting Giuloli we publish the leak of the film Tamer Hosni «costume» .. The audience accuses this artist, leaking the film Tamer Hosni «costume» .. The public accuses this artist that we publish to our visitors New news Today via our news site and start with the main news, the leaking Tamer Hosni movie «suit» … and the audience accuses this artist.

Tamer Hosni and the makers of his costume film leaked a copy of the film on social networking sites, which caused their anger, especially since the film is still in the cinemas and is very popular.

Producer Waleed Mansoor, producer of the film "Al Badalah", succeeded after hours of leaking the film to remove the leaked version, emphasizing that he will not be silent for this farce, noting that the derivation of the film is a experiment is to negatively influence his income,.

On the other hand, a number of listeners, Tamer Hosni on the sites of communication, the finger of the artist Mohammed Ramadan, accused him of standing behind the diversionary maneuver of the film, while he tries to excel in the film "diesel" on the film "suit" that achieved the highest yield in the Eid al-Adha, And remains so far in the foreground.

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source: Julula

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