Tasteless, bland, calls Niels

Tasteless, bland, calls Niels


With provocations knows how to move: Niels Ruf.

With provocations knows how to move: Niels Ruf.(Photo: imago / future image)

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Nothing can be done: Niels Ruf takes the disappearance of Daniel Küblböck as a reason for a spiteful tweet. It is not the first time that the former two-time ex-talk show host falls deliberately from the role.

Well, Niel's reputation for this Twitter message could be self-irony. But the former presenter with his late-night show, even at the age of 45, apparently does not know the boundaries between humor and insipidity. As a result, his tweet of Daniel Küblböck still beats high waves.

Ruf has posted a clip in the network where a person in full gear jumps into a pool. He wrote: "Finally there is one where the reappearance from the sinking is even less likely than mine". To ensure that the message is understandable, he tagged it with the hashtag "Küblböck".

"You are pathetic brat"

The reactions to it are reduced as expected – and as calculated by the certainly – outrageous reputation. "It is not really a pity that you are no longer relevant, pathetic brat", wrote a user. Another has been aggravated: "It is already painful that you can only converse with such stupid messages – it is so extravagant that a human life seems so precious to make you fooled." And a third comment went so far: "Well, we hope that you will eventually jump off a ship and never reappear! These people like you do not need this country!"


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