Tatjana Vasilieva has reconciled herself with the former daughter-in-law and now communicates with grandsons

Young and stylish Tatiana Vasilyeva came to the opening of a new season in the "School of Modern Play" theater in order to not only listen to his hudruk Joseph Reichelgauz, but also to see how the restoration is underway in the historic theater building on Trubnaya Square. This story with the repair, the resurgence of the scene after the fire lasts five years. The final seems to be close.

– Until the last day I was convinced that there will still be a shopping and entertainment center. It is both happiness and a miracle that we return to our home on Trubnaya, "said the actress.

In this season in the "School …" director Konstantin Bogomolov is planning to release a piece based on Lyudmila's play Petrushevskaya "GAZBU"The main role will be played by Tatiana Vasilyeva.

– I really like Lyudmila Petrushevskaya in all its forms – in prose, in fairy tales, in plays. In one of them – "He is inside Argentina"- I have been playing for a long time Lyudmila Stefanovna is a very smart woman, he sees the world without any illusions, her play" GAZBU "about our irrational life, which, contrary to common sense, is not a phantasmagoria.This is a very complex and at the same time attractive material, interesting and difficult, – said: "KP»Tatyana Vasilyeva. – My heroine is an ordinary woman who can be met in the metro. Like many of us, she expects her to meet her happiness one day. Do not doubt it she all ahead. She has faith, hope and love, which she imagined. Without love can not live. Director Dmitry Brusnikinthat & # 39; GAZBU & # 39; this game was baffled – in a good sense of the word.

– After a sudden departure from the life of Dmitry Brusnikin, the production was offered to Konstantin Bogomolov. He is quite an extravagant artist. As they say, outrageous. Is it bothering you?

"I have not seen his performances, but I've heard a lot about them." And I have to confess that I'm a bit scared. I do not like "chernukha" in the theater. Because always for a slight final.

– Was it that the actress Tatiana Vasilieva refused to work with this or that director?

– No, I'm going to the end. Even if I understand that a man is stubborn for me, that he will not close the path he has come up with, but I must leave the project not to waste my time and health … I have not gone anywhere. I am a very patient actress. I am afraid to leave and not regret it later. There is always a chance: suddenly something is cut. Of course I want to work with a director that you trust. The greatest joy for an artist is trust in the director. Unfortunately, this irrevocably leaves the theater.

– How did you spend the summer?

– Waiting for work. A bit rested, went to the sea. Unfortunately it was not possible to release a new piece. That is why it is necessary to do this at the height of the season, and this is difficult. But there is no other option.

– In principle you play in a company. Why?

– Entreprise feeds me. And the most important thing is the material that I want to play.

– They call you a great workaholic, ruthless for yourself. Almost every night you play a play?

– The last season was exactly like that. I went on stage every day. Even regret that in the month only 30-31 days. But I can work and live like that. And as in another way, I can not imagine. I do what I want and what I can do. How to fill your life, if not your favorite profession? In the first place, there was always work. Especially because the children grew up, now their grandchildren grow up.

– Are you still a wet nurse in the family?

"Not anymore." Children took their first steps (Philip Vasiliev's son was 40 years old (!), Daughter Elizabeth – 31 years old – Ed.). It is not that difficult for me anymore. I can give up some work.

– Is everything normal in family life? Have you managed to reconcile with your daughter-in-law?

Recall that the former daughter-in-law of actress Anastasia Begunova believed that her children were illegally deprived of a half-three-room apartment in the center Moscowwho bought the son of Vasilyev. In the battle for housing, Anastasia did not allow her mother-in-law to communicate with her grandchildren.

– Yes, it was possible … Thanks to my patience and the ability to forget the bad. I got indications that I had to do some deeds. I did these things. And now the relationship is improving. I see my grandchildren (Ivan and Gregory live together with mother Anastasia Begunova Germany – Ed.). They came to Moscow. We communicate. They should come again soon. This is a huge achievement that costs money.

"They say about you that Vasilyeva is a hard-hearted man with an iron temperament." But after communicating with you, the impression changes radically: Tatjana Vasilyeva is a warm, friendly woman.

– That's the paradox. I just think that I am a wolf in sheep's clothing. Actually – on the contrary.