Taylor Swift's Stalker Roger Alvarado breaks into the New York apartment

A man arrested for breaking into the house of pop singer Taylor Swift many times, apparently, has no regrets about his actions and would do it again if he could, according to his recent interview in prison.

Roger Alvarado, 23, resident in Florida, was arrested and charged with burglary, criminal contempt, criminal misdeed and possession of burglary tools last week after raiding New York City for the third time according to the Manhattan ABC affiliation, WABC-TV. Police say that Alvarado used a brick to get the entrance through the patio door on the second floor of Swift's currently unoccupied property, violating a protection order in the process, reports on the outlet.

Alvarado said during an interview at The New York Post on Friday that he did not regret what he did.

"I don't want to hurt her. I just wanted to talk to her, talk to her. She looks pretty [and] nice, "said Alvarado, according to the outlet.

When asked if he would enter Swift's house again, Alvarado would have reported that he "probably" wanted to use "more violence", but not with Swift itself.

Alvarado was sentenced last month to six months in prison plus five years of probation after entering Swift's property in April. The authorities say that Alvarado broke a window to enter, and then used the shower and slept in his bed before the police found him. Not even Swift was at home at the time of the accident; although he owned the property, he did not live there at the time of the break-in.

He pleaded guilty to a count of attempted burglary in the second degree and a count of first-degree criminal contempt, and was ordered to seek mental health treatment. He had already served most of his time waiting for his sentence.

Despite repeated raids and attempts to approach Swift, Alvarado told The Post that he was not his favorite singer.

"I'm not a superfan. I listen to a lot of hip-hop," he said.

Swift has been tormented by stalkers in recent years, culminating in numerous raids and threatening letters.

The 29-year-old "Blank Space" singer revealed her "fear of violence" during an interview with Elle magazine last week, revealing that she regularly wears "bandages for the army bandage" used for the treatment of gunshot and gunshot wounds.

"Websites and tabloids have taken care to publish every home address I've ever had online," he said. "You have enough stalkers trying to get into your house and start preparing for bad things."

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