That is why Duchess Kate is so rare at the moment

That is why Duchess Kate is so rare at the moment

Most recently she appeared in July. Since then, Duchess Kate misses every track on public dates. Because the wife of Prince Willem has more important obligations.

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Since Duchess Meghan is married in the British royal family, it seems that the royal world is all about her. Over the past few months, she was regularly on the side of Prince Harry, who gave both royal and fashionable highlights. With so much attention for the new duchess, another one has almost forgotten: Duchess Kate. But the most important thing is that Prince Willem's wife only completed a few official agreements this year.

Because the 36-year-old gave birth to her youngest son, Kate's life revolves around her family – and the Duchess of Cambridge would like to spend her time here. Finally, in addition to Prince Louis, there are also two older brothers and sisters – Prince George and Princess Charlotte – who demand the attention of their mother.

Royal fans must wait until October

That is why Duchess Kate currently has parental leave. She approved this with her first two children. But this time she is stricter and enjoys the time away from the audience. As a result, Prince William only had to appear on the latest dates for the press. Even though they have met each other in the past without any obligations.

But when is finally a reunion with Kate? Currently, the 36-year-old of October is expected to fulfill his royal duties as Duchess of Cambridge again. Anything that could happen earlier would be a spontaneous and voluntary decision. Such as Kate's appearance at the celebration of the Royal Air Force, which she attended shortly after baptism. For a surprise, the threefold mother is always good.