The 33-year-old Elena Temnikova said she is struggling with an autoimmune disease

12:38, 11/09/2018

The singer has released his health problems.

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Elena Temnikova chose a public confession: the singer admitted on her microblog on Instagram that she was struggling with a dangerous illness. 33-year-old singer dysfunction of the immune system, which perceives its own tissues as foreign and damages them. Now the best experts from Russia and Switzerland work with the star. According to Elena, she has declassified her diagnosis because she has had enough of various rumors and gossip that spread some media outlets because of her changed appearance.

"They wrote yesterday that I was a drug addict (coconut, as others had beaten), and of this acne. About a month ago, channels and audiences discussed the subject of the problems I had with the skin on my face in different telegrams. I consciously ignored this and said nothing, because I did not want to be complained. But today, after the call, the crying mother blew me up. Because I am so concerned about the cause of acne, I will say. I have an auto-immune. And, as a ready-to-use skin problems on the face. And this is the easiest side job. It can survive and overcome. To be honest, I do not want to discuss the disease in detail, who cares – everything is on the network. I fight with all my might since spring. My family, friends, relatives with me. With me professors and doctors (in Moscow and in Switzerland). But do not worry too much about me, everything will be fine. I promise. About the "coconut". Every laboratory on the planet can take my hair (or whatever it takes) and declare that I have never used anything in my life. Someone else, except me, my mother and the person who pulls this head for a healthy lifestyle, is simply ridiculous. I am even an alcoholic opponent, "wrote Temnikova (the spelling and punctuation of the author is unchanged below). Ed.)

Furthermore, the singer turned to the "yellow press" and stated that she intends to fight for her honor in court: "Firstly, how embarrassed you are not to lie? And secondly: no offense, then your team of attorneys already involved with you We are starting to sue you for your absolute defamation We live in a legal state – it is foolish to hide behind the footnote "published by the user of the site." At a time when doctors are afraid of my health and my mother goes to a church every day … should I pay attention to this? I do not know, honestly, but all of this is beyond mankind, do the mother's tears run? People … I have agreed that the new 2019 I will meet fairly healthy. For my fans: do not worry, everything will be fine. I have great progress and improvements. All health and grace. "

The 33-year-old Elena Temnikova said she is struggling with an autoimmune disease

Internet users immediately gave feedback. "God bless you, everything will be fine! ","Helen, I wish you a speedy recovery! We love you! ","Health Helen you! And wisdom and calm not to listen to nonsense! Take care of yourself and your loved ones, "fans supported Elena.

Incidentally, at the end of last year, Elena Temnikova, who first became a mother in 2015, said she almost lost her daughter during the birth. "When I gave birth to my daughter, the doctors almost ran out and did not lose her, I never talked about it, because I did not even understand it at first," the artist shared.

Elena Temnikova with her daughter Alexandra

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