The actress Katja Bienert has breast cancer

The actress Katja Bienert has breast cancer

Actress Katja Bienert was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of the year. At the time, however, the 51 year-old caused a sensation because he was imprisoned in the United States. Only now she speaks for the first time of her ugly illness.

"I have a right breast tumor and even a lymph node is affected," explains Mimin in an "Bild" interview. His long dark hair, which he still wore until recently, has now fallen from his mind. But this is not the only consequence of this misdiagnosis. "I gained 15 kilograms, but chemo usually relieves you, but with all the cortisone and immunotherapy, I gained a lot of weight," continues Bienert.

So far, the single mother has done everything to keep her secret illness. He wore a wig and tried to cover any physical changes resulting from treatment with makeup. "I was very afraid that this was public, the acting industry is hard, and I thought that if they had discovered my illness now, I will not have a shot anymore," said the Berliner.

But with fear it should be over. He wanted to encourage other women and encourage them to participate in regular checks. She herself does not want to give up, despite the bad diagnosis: "I will be operated at the end of August, then the tumor will be removed, I am a fighter, I will not let the cancer down". Katja Bienert has been held in the United States for several months for an expired tourist visa. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.