The actress Zoë Kravitz accuses Lily Allen of forcing her to kiss her

In a talk show, the American actress explained that she was attacked by the British singer. The latter had stated in his recent autobiography that the young woman was consenting.

In full promotion of their latest film Fantastic animals 2, Eddie Redmayne and Zoë Kravitz went to the American talk show on Monday See what happens live. In front of a stunned presenter, Lenny Kravitz's daughter claimed to have been attacked by Lily Allen. The interpreter of Fuck you I would have torn him a kiss by force.

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"If kissing, we feel" assault ", then yes, he kissed me"

Zoë Kravitz by Lily Allen

in My thoughts exactly ("What I Think About This"), his autobiography published Sept. 20, Lily Allen says she and Zoë Kravitz became friends after performing together in
concert, they kiss. When questioned by a spectator about this anecdote, Zoe Kravitz responds angrily, "Who is Lily Allen?" The amosphere is misunderstood on the set.

"If kissing, we feel" assault ", then yes, he kissed me", he continues. His partner Eddie Redmayne, who had just confessed to "love Lily Allen", remains calm. He did "as if I wanted to", continues Zoë Kravitz, indignant. "He attacked me," he says again to clarify any ambiguity.

Happy to be able to reject this sensitive subject, the presenter Andy Cohen asks him if he has read this book. Acide, the actress replies, "I do not think anyone has read this book." Host and audience applauding. Zoe Kravitz's pike closes the sequence. The video, later broadcast on the Internet, has been viewed over 50,000 times

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This accusation could put Lily Allen in a very indelicate position. In her autobiography, the singer claimed to have sexually raped herself in 2015 with a sponge from the music industry and described the resulting trauma.

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