The Algerian singer Djamel Allam died in Paris

Singer of the Algerian song abroad since the 70s, the singer dies at 71 after a long illness.

Djamel Allam, one of Kabyle's leading singers, with Idir and Lounis Ait Menguellet, died Saturday (September 15) in Paris at the age of 71 after a long illness, announced the Algerian culture minister.

«I just received a sad news (…) the great Algerian artist, one of the masters of Kabyle's song Djamel Allam died after a long illness in a Parisian hospital», wrote Azzedine Mihoubi on her Twitter account.

The singer has been hospitalized for months in France to treat a serious illness, according to the Algerian media.

A spokesman for the Algerian song abroad, Djamel Allam followed his first music lessons at the Conservatory of Bejaia (250 km east of Algiers) after independence of the country in 1962, before starting his career in Algeria and abroad.

In 1967, while working as a machinist at the Théâtre du Gymnase in Paris, the artist met big names in French music such as Brassens, Georges Moustaki, Léo Ferré and Bernard Lavilliers.

In 1973, he released his first album "Mara-d youghal" (When he returns), one of his famous hits with which he achieved great success, therefore "Dreams of the wind" in 1978 "If Slimane" in 1981 and "Salimo" four years later.

In 2001, he goes out "Gouraya", from the name of a mountain near Béjaïa, his hometown in the small Kabylie, east of Algiers, produced by Safy Boutella who in 1989 was co-producer with Martin Meissonnier du disque "Katche", which revealed Khaled.

He has performed on many stages in Europe and America, and remains for music lovers, who has given, along with other artists, a large audience to the modern song of Kabyle abroad.