"The Big Bang Theory" last season: time and channel for the premiere

The successful series "The Big Bang Theory" It ends in 2019 and the farewell begins quickly. The CBS television network has announced that the comedy will be released in the United States on Monday, September 24, as well as in the second season of the prequel, Young Sheldon & # 39 ;.

"The Big Bang Theory" 12×01: hour and channel for the premiere:

United States

channel: CBS
day: Monday, September 24th


US (Eastern time): 20:00
US (central): 19:00
Mexico: 19:00
Colombia: 19:00
Ecuador: 19:00
Peru: 19:00
Argentina: 9:00
Chili: 9:00

In Spain you can watch the episode of the episode one day after the broadcast in the United States by TNT.

channelTNT (Spain)
day: Tuesday, September 25th
time: 9:45 AM

Latin America

channel: Warner Channel
time: 9:00

It was confirmed that season number 12 of the successful sitcom will be the last, after the main actor, Jim Parsons, completed his stage as Sheldon Cooper, a decision that approached the end of the series.

With the departure of the main character, the series would have no way of following; also that it already showed signs of wear and tear, not only by Jim Parsons; Although ironic to many of them, this ending was to their surprise.

Despite this, the historic comic TV series was still a leading audience. The number of spectators remained at the highest level of American television, as well as in many Latin American countries; his followers valued the beginning of a new season every year.

The series, however, failed to get a new audience; As a sitcom of the last decade, it seems that the age would have taken its toll because his viewers began to think that the geeks' intrigues lost importance.

For many of the followers of "The Big Bang Theory"It will be difficult to stop seeing your favorite nerds on the screens: Leonard, Sheldon and Penny, for them the prequel will follow.

Synopsis of the first chapter of the end ::

"Sheldon and Amy go on their honeymoon, Penny and Leonard, discover that they are just as uncomfortable with the presence of Amy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fowler." Moreover, Koothrappali insults the physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and a war unprecedented via Twitter. "

The producers of "The Big Bang Theory" announced that the series will have the final chapter of the last season in May 2019, regardless of the outcome, the producers will have to solve all the problems that fans expect.

"We are eternally grateful to our fans for their support & # 39; The Big Bang Theory & # 39; during the last twelve seasons. We, along with the cast, screenwriters and team, greatly appreciate the success of this series and plan to offer a narrative and creative epic this season, "said the team of the series.

In a recent interview, Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny, said that there is something you should not miss: the stairs. Well, yes, this is one of the asuntas that producers have to solve this last season, as well as Penny's maiden name.