The cause of Sophia Rotaru's disease is mentioned

Recently, health brought the famous
the singer. Some people assume that the performer is undermined
plastic surgery, different rejuvenating procedures and diets: is this so?
the plastic surgeon of the capital, Alexander Vdovin, remarked.

The doctor noted that Sofia Rotaru is a woman with a taste,
so he believes that they are never exaggerated with plastic
operations. According to the expert, the singer did this as part of the need.

Vdovin proposed that the artist should come to visit constantly
beautician and perhaps biorevitalization, resort to blepharoplasty
upper eyelid, liposuction of the lower third of the face, goat lift and corrected
shape of the nose.

However, the surgeon believes that the numerous plastic operations of the 71-year-old singer in no way
are related to her current state of health.

"I think the reasons for the age-related changes in the body.
Travel and constantly move also affect health, "- quotes
expert Eg.ru. He added that Rotaru does everything to be beautiful, and
it is admirable.

Recall, on August 25, the actress was delivered
in resuscitation of one of the hospitals in Ufa after a sharp leap in pressure. She fell in it
fainted at the event, where she was invited. It was reported that it was partial at the time of the attack
I lost my memory, did not recognize the people in the neighborhood and did not understand where
is located.