The comical Petit Paul Bastien Vivès was taken off the shelves with taxed child pornography

The comical Petit Paul Bastien Vivès was taken off the shelves with taxed child pornography

Little Paul, album that opens the new pornographic collection of Glénat publications, PORN & # 39; POP, is the core of a lively controversy and subject of a petition that requires withdrawal from the market, was excluded from the shelves of Cultura and Gibert.

"It was finally time for comics to talk about the sexuality of today." Under the supervision of Céline Tran, former star of the X and known as Katsuni, the new PORN & # 39; POP collection wants to use the narrative possibilities of the 9th art. to talk about sex in all its diversity under the mask of entertainment ", this summer announced a press release from Glénat.

The publisher of Titeuf then launched "PORN & # 39; POP", his new pornographic collection, launched by Bastien Vivès with the title Little Paul. Accused of child pornography, the cartoon, which was released on September 19, was removed Monday from the Cultura and Gibert. A decision motivated by the controversial storm that the book called for?

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Anyway, two days after the release of the album, a petition circulated in which she withdrew from the market. To date, it has more than 2000 signatures.

"Presented by the author as a humorous book, but wanting to be exciting because it is based on his fantasies, Little Paul shows the adventures of a 10-year-old child with a huge penis that willy-nilly women around them will use. We therefore doubt the relevance of releasing such a book. We want this book to be removed from the market and the Glénat editions offer their apologies, or at least more attention to the content of what they publish, "says the anonymous DGREENE who launched the hostilities.


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