«The Day of Judgment» paves the way for Egypt to Oscar «Best foreign film»

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Thursday, September 13, 2018 – 8:50 PM
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Thursday, September 13, 2018 – 8:50 PM

Critics of the world praised the film and the director after being screened at the Cannes Film Festival as one of the best humanitarian works
26 votes to 41, the selection of the film "The Day of Religion", directed by Abu Bakr Shawki, was chosen to represent Egypt in the best Oscar in foreign languages, "the world's most prestigious award."

The selection of the film from the committee formed by a decision by Massaad Fouda, the filmmaker's captain, is reminiscent of the reception of the audience at the Cannes International Film Festival during the last session of the Egyptian film "Yoaddeen" with a warm applause and admiration during the opening performance in the Loumer theater at the Palais des Festivals. Official festival.

The film "Day of Religion", which premiered in El Gouna in Egypt from 20 to 28 September, is commercially available in Minya on 23 September and is part of a cinema with its own reality. The film combines the depth of the social and human dimension of the characters, and the glamorous state of the beautiful artistic vocabulary, beginning with the idea and the narrative style of the introduction and the lack of performance and the glamor of the image and the music suggestive.

He tells us the story of the Christian man who has been infected with leprosy since his childhood, after his face was deformed, his father leaves him for a colony door for leprosy patients, he is placed there to live for years while he is during the day if a garbage man works. The journey begins with an orphan, Obama, on a cart pulled by a donkey, to his hometown in the village of Bahor in Upper Egypt to find out why his father had given up his promise to return for him, and during the journey "Bishoy" and "Obama" are subjected to different positions full of chaos and questions about fate, tolerance, belief, injustice, power, weakness and deceptive religiosity.

It reveals how society has changed, and how the bureaucracy in government bodies is behind the loss of so many sweet things and the loss of feelings and rights. There are many beautiful scenes between Bishoy and Obama, including the scene of the funeral of women, and he asks Obama, In another scene, Bishoy resorted to Shehat to save the price of a meal for Obama. Here, Shehat wraps around the area that drives him away. Once he learns his story, he takes it with him and helps him ride for his family, while he tells him The pickpocket, explaining why they slept under the bridge, "We'll all be one J about religion. It's the only thing moment we feel the right to equality and justice. "

The director managed to lead a group of amateur actors who had never been professional actors, including our hero Bishoy, who was represented by Radi Jamal, as well as Ahmed Abdelhafiz, Shahira Fahmy, Shehab Ibrahim, Mohamed Azim, The director gave his heroes , some of whom did not know how and where space should be written for automatic creativity, wanted to deal fairly honestly with the camera, and the camera director of Argentinian photography Federico Siska succeeded in creating a dazzling cinematic image of a painful reality.

It also translates an interesting scenario written by Abu Bakr Shawqi, who made the viewers wait for the fate of Bishoy, who decided to send him and Obama back to the life they were used to in the hospital as soon as he went to his family and his fear of rejection.

The film's participation in the Cannes festival is a big step in the right direction, and it represents the great return of Egypt, which means that the festival officials have found something brilliant: they do not compliment anyone, especially the works that take part to the official competition. 900 advanced films.

During his participation in the Cannes Festival, the French media emphasized the march of Abu Bakr Shawki, noting that he is an Egyptian father and an Austrian mother, and he belongs to a new generation of filmmakers who represent the hope of Egyptian cinema.

He emphasized his career as assistant director in a number of films in Egypt, where he completed his studies before traveling to New York, and that Internet pioneers contributed to the support of film production through a campaign launched in 2015.

Critics of the world praised the experiment and confirmed that his young director, Abu Bakr Shawki, one of the most promising filmmakers in Egypt, and the Francois Chalet Prize received as one of the best humanitarian works in May. They also considered it one of the biggest discoveries of the Cannes festival, "The Wrap", the film said above expectations, especially because it was allowed to take part in the Kaka contest, which sponsors young talents and filmmakers for the first time, but surpassed himself in achieving this phase was able to bring his dramatic film to the top.

The film managed to break through the traditional rules of Cannes because of the daring of the director, who gathered the crowd to look at it, to be greeted with warm hospitality and warm applause at the end of the show. The film is therefore a Of the few films in the festival that use the term & # 39; sweet & # 39; earns.

The film reports that Shawqi, who has direct talent to tell stories, and actor Radi Jamal, who plays the role of Bishoy, gave a versatile performance between the performer, the magician and the gruesome with deep sorrow, and Ahmed Abdul Hafez, who Obama played.

Many of the stars of the world who watched the film at the Cannes Festival praised the work and applauded it, including Julianne Moore, Irina Chayk, Luis Borgoan and Kiko Mizuhara, the director of the festival, Terry Fermo, He was accompanied by producer Mohamed Hafez, one of the participants and supporters of the work, as well as producer Elizabeth Shawki.

It is noteworthy that the film "Day of Religion" was chosen, to represent Egypt to compete for nominations and competitions of "Oscar 2019" for the best film in another language, according to a secret vote among the members of the committee formed to choose the film by a decision of the president of Cinematographers, and after counting the participants in the secret ballot, The committee decided to vote or leave a closed envelope behind the name of the film.The film received 26 votes out of a total of 41 votes, while the movie "Dark Green" got 12 votes and "Photoboxi" got two votes. The "Diamond Dust" got one vote. The movie "Cactus Flower" gets no sound.

On this basis, the film "The Day of Judgment", directed by Abu Bakr Shawki, is the representative of Egyptian cinema in the Oscar competition. The best film in the foreign language. If for some reason it is not commercial is available, which is inconsistent with the conditions of the match, in the number of votes.

The committee held a session, immediately after its establishment, during which the selection mechanism for the nominated film was established. The members of the committee agreed unanimously to liquidate the 38 Egyptian films that meet the conditions of the candidacy. : "The Day of Judgment" directed by Abu Bakr Shawqi, "Dark Green" directed by Mohamed Hammad, "The Dust of Diamonds" directed by Marwan Hamed, "Photocopy" directed by Tamer Ashri and "Zahra Al Sabar" directed by Hala Alkoussy .

After watching the five films, in special performances on Sunday and Monday, 9 and 10 September, the committee decided on 12 September, which saw the film, representing Egyptian cinema, in the competition organized by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.