The death of Fuad Al – Mohandes 16 September,

The death of Fuad Al – Mohandes 16 September,

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He was born on September 6, 1924 in Abbasiyah and was his third rank with his brothers, after Safia and Darya. His younger brother is Sami, and thanks to his father he controlled the healthy Arabic language like his sister Safia. The first honor in the development of his artistic talents is inherited by the lightness of the blood and the presence of intuitive.

And when he joined the faculty of commerce, the acting team joined, and what he saw impressed the artist Najib Rihani in the game «the world on the back of the impasse», joined the band to perhaps one of the roles, but Rihani did not give him the opportunity, and after the death of Rihani the band "watch your heart" on the radio, He confirmed his name and started his career, and despite his excellent radio and film, he loved it more the theater, his theater career remained the most important in his artistic history and presented the most successful duet with Shweikar and his companion Abdel Moneim Medbouly.


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