The film "The Sixth Day" by Youssef Chahine was screened at the Lebanese Film Festival

The Lebanese film festival will be held on 17 September with the screening of the film "Kafr Nahum" by the Lebanese director Nadine Labaki after winning the jury prize at the Cannes International Film Festival this year. The festival will end on September 21 with Hini's "Hour of Liberation" Sorour, the first Lebanese to present her film at the Cannes Film Festival in 1974, in a message that Lebanese women play an important role in cinema and art, and raise social, political and philosophical issues.

The film program includes 65 Lebanese films and five films from Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and France and deals with issues such as asylum, the Syrian war, the Lebanese civil war, retaliation, the collapse of social strata and the impasse of identity, identity and migration.

The French cultural center takes part in the event by presenting a film by the late Youssef Chahine, entitled "The sixth day", about the period of the cholera epidemic in Cairo in 1947 and some neighboring towns through the story of Dalida & # 39; s friend, And tries to save him, especially after the death of all members of her family, and before the six-day period in which the only fate is death, a friend goes to her grandson to Rashid to try to cure, and collaborates with them in the monkeys "Muhsin Muhi al-Din", especially after the fall in love "Girlfriend" despite the difference in age between them.