The former wife Shnurov found himself with a beautiful brown hair. VIDEO

The ropes officially divorced on August 15thPhoto: Instagram, # Matildashnurova

The former spouse of Sergey Shnurov Matilda was spotted at the airport with a beautiful stranger. A short video with a couple in Pulkovo has published a telegram channel, "Only to Nobody".

In the video, an unknown brown man embraces Matilda, then takes the suitcase and goes off together. In this case, the former wife Shnurova seems very happy.

The mass media have attributed to the leader of "Leningrad" the deal with Ekaterinburg, Olga Abramova, the daughter of the top manager of the UMMC. On October 10th a couple would be seen in the St. Petersburg registry office. Shnurov himself said that from childhood he wanted to get married.

Sergey and Matilda Shnurov officially divorced on August 15, 2018. After the break, they set up their apartment on the embankment of the Kryukov canal in St. Petersburg. None of the former spouses in this apartment has lived long.

Video: telegram channel "Only for anyone"

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