The harrowing revelation of the Dakota on the betrayal of Sokolovsky :: Show business :: Dnev.ru

The harrowing revelation of the Dakota on the betrayal of Sokolovsky :: Show business :: Dnev.ru

Details of the divorce of Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota appear. For years the singer cheated on his wife and everyone covered him.

"Everything that I thought was a beautiful picture, family, devotion and love – turned out to be one only for me in our couple," Rita wrote frankly on her page in the social network (for example, spelling and the punctuation of the authors are preserved here).

The actress gathered things and left her husband as soon as she found out about her betrayal. The way Sokolovsky lived was shocking. It turned out that Vlad had betrayed Rita in all their relationships. Even the brightest moments of marriage – marriage, marriage, expectation and the birth of a child – were accompanied by betrayal. "There were dozens of" girls ", many of whom I know personally, many of them were my" friends ", like my home," Dakota said.

Shadow trait covered by friends and relatives, brought Vlad and his owners into their homes. "Even some members of his family, including his father, knew that," Rita noted.

The open secret struck the Dakota painfully. Now you have to start life from the beginning. "I understand that this sounds like a screenplay of a horror film, it seems incredible, and I would never have believed myself, if I had not had iron tests, but alas, it's a harsh and terrible truth. same, but I will have to cross it for my daughter's love ", – said the singer.

However, on this badness of her husband is not over. Vlad asked for a part of the co-acquisition. "Usually in such situations a man voluntarily leaves with a suitcase, leaving everything to the child and the woman whose life has destroyed, but this does not concern Vlad," wrote Rita.

Despite the excruciating pain, the singer does not intend to deprive her daughter of her father, Dakota hopes to find the strength and let Sokolovsky communicate with the child. "One day this pain will subside and I will try to forgive him and talk to him again," he concluded.